Christmas in Dublin

Well what can I say I knew the hardest part of being away was going to be missing the holiday season back home. There’s nothing I love more than going to the Donaghmede Inn on Christmas Eve to meet anyone and everyone for a catch up … Promising meself I won’t get too drunk and still puking me ring Christmas morning!! My nanny, mam and aunties up at the crack of dawn making a big feast that was bound to last us the next few days. Running around to all the girls in my jammies doing our Christmas morning rounds, that whole day consists of too much food, a few films and a hangover that just keeps on going. Stephens Day in my house we have a big session with all the family, of course one of my best friends Tara does as well and she lives next door so it’s a big Lewis Brady affair all night. Then there’s that awkward week between Christmas and New Year’s where you don’t know what day it is, you just drink yourself silly until it’s time to ring in the New Year. New Year’s Eve is always in my aunty Adrienne’s because it’s her birthday so again it’s all the family round for one big major piss up that always ends up in us singing and dancing around the streets at 12 bells and celebrating the New Year as we do best … laughing, drinking and loving each others company way too much!!

Christmas in Sydney

This year was different to say the least, it was 34° Christmas Day and I spent it on Coogee Beach at a big rave … it was a lot of fun don’t get me wrong but it didn’t feel one bit like Christmas no matter how many Santa hats you seen!! That awkward week was still the same not knowing what day it was but still drinking and going to the beach or the park. New Year’s was definitely one to remember. I spent it in Bondi with the best view of Sydney and the bridge for the fireworks. I was in Cheryl and Deborah’s which are my friends from back home who have been living here the last two years. I had a cocktail party for them and a few of our friends, to say the cocktails were a success would be an understatement!! Not one person drank any of the drink they brought themselves, everyone was swinging out of the cocktails all night … and the toilet the next morning!! I was that dying the next day I missed Space which was an all day rave I paid $90 for … its still one of my biggest regrets so far!! I got to video call all my family an friends at our 12 o clock fireworks when they were only starting their day … as you can imagine I was fairly drunk at that stage and just remember screaming “Happy New Year from the future” I was so happy to see them all down in Kilkenny for Ado’s birthday, they even had a cute/creepy cut out of me so I still managed to make it for all the family photos which in my opinion is pretty impressive!! After New Year’s I got a serious slap of reality, like everyone over here I blew all my money the first few months but I can’t complain because I had an absolute ball!! It’s funny over here even though I do be broke your still guaranteed to see me floating around somewhere with a teacup full of Goon!! I started to panic a bit then because I applied for millions of jobs but heard nothing back so I ended up moving into Cheryl and Deborah’s with their housemates Dean, Kev and Daniel. Im absolutely blessed to have these guys through all of this because without them I’d say this would have been a completely different blog!! They’ve kept me so positive and made me feel so welcome that it feels like I’v moved into me Nanny’s!! They have looked after me so much and I’m so grateful to have these crazy but wonderful people in my Aussie life. Thier house is unbelievable, they have air conditioning (which is a big deal), they make me dinner, they gave me the comfiest bed iv had since I’ve been here!! They give me little pep talks/kick up the hole when I need it and the laughs we have are just endless … so basically being homeless is the best thing that could have happened to me!!

The Beckie Moment

So as promised iv included my Beckie moment because as always I never fail to get myself into some sort of mess. This month’s one was a bit of a mad one but to be fair it was the god damn Doctor who had me up the wall!! So I was getting weird pains in my chest for about 4 days so obviously I was worried about it and obviously google told me I was dead … so I thought I better go get it checked out. Friday after work I went to A&E and they thought I was having a minor heart attack, they done an ECG and took bloods that all came back clear. Then the doctor calls me in again to ask me the exact same questions then tried to convince me I was pregnant!! I laughed at the doctor and told him unless I got pregnant from a toilet seat I 100% wasn’t pregnant. The doctor then says “ehh I’d like to believe you but I think you are" obviously he did tests and confirmed I wasn’t but then says “well if it’s not that then I think you have a blood clot in your chest". Well I nearly dropped dead on the spot, he took more bloods and I had an X-ray done. So after about eight hours of tests and panic the little shit comes out and tells me everything came back normal!! Naturally I asked then what the fuck was wrong with me because the pains were still there to which he replied “oh it’s a muscular, boney thing and it will pass" … now I ask ye where is the logic in telling someone your having a heart attack, no your pregnant, no you actually have a blood clot to ah it’s a muscular, boney thing … the fella must have done a Fetac Level 5 to be a Doctor!! Then the mad thing runs back out and says I seen your from Donaghmede, I was there a few weeks ago in Newbrook Avenue and starts rambling on. I was like ah here Roy your after giving me more information about Donaghmede than you’ve given me all night. So I left anyway got a bit up the road and realised I still have the fuckin needle in me hand so I had to go back down, wait for the doctor to come back to confirm I wasn’t tryna escape before they would take it out!! But in fairness some poor bloke Rodriguez tried to escape earlier that day and got gored to the ground and strapped to a bed so I’m not surprised they were cautious. So moral of this story is my heart is fine, I’m not pregnant and I haven’t got a blood cloth. But more importantly I still got to go to Electric Gardens the next day which was the main reason I went in the first place. The friends I’m living with bought me a ticket as a surprise so I was delighted with me life to go dance my little ass off knowing I wasn’t going to drop dead and what a day I had!!

The Conclusion

I have to say the only thing that kept me sane and stopped me from being an emotional wreck this whole time was having some very friendly faces with me through it all. From Orlaith and Joe taking me in over Christmas and being there whenever I needed them, to Cheryl and Deb’s letting me stay with them in general and how much the five of them have helped me out the past few months, I even have a few childhood friends here with me too. And of course I can’t forget to mention all the crazy amazing friends iv met since I’ve been here. There’s too many of yous to give a shout out to but you know who you are and you know how much I love you all. They made my birthday one I’ll never forget and I’ll never stop laughing at any time I think of it. There was a lot of goon, a lot of messin and we even found a bush rave in the middle of it all!! A few of them even met Bruce (my alter ego which I’m sure will be mentioned in a blog at some stage) and they all still talked to me the next day so I know they’re keepers and just as crazy as I am!! It makes me so happy knowing that I have all these great people around me and of course my girls at home (that get novels off me every couple of days god love them) that can pick me up when I’m down or in bad form, it makes this whole experience a hell of a lot easier and I love them all for it!! So over all my first few months in Sydney have been hectic and by no means easy. I have struggled a lot, iv been broke, homeless, jobless and completely lost for a while but I have learnt to just ride it out and have faith that things will pick up which they did. I got a job for a few weeks and went straight into another one when that one finished up, I’m on crazy money so I’m starting to really get back on my feet and feeling so much more settled. Its such a relief for the planner in me to have that sense of normality and control again. But the funny thing about traveling is the minute you get settled your already planning to up end your life and start from scratch somewhere else. This for me is a big part of traveling, it’s when you really tests your limits and are thrown in the deep end and expected to float … and me only learning how to swim a few months before I came over here so no wonder!! But on a more serious note it shows you who you really are and how you handle things in the real world. Iv learnt so much about myself and so much about life and people in general since I’ve got here. You get to see the kindness in other people, sometimes even strangers and it makes you remember that there is good in the world … which is exactly what I said I wanted to come and find in the beginning!! I’m already saving towards my next adventure but undecided which one to go for yet, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens … as always!!

Until next time …