You persist in mistaking your own ideals as being common to the Millennials as a whole.
RLA Bruce

It saddens me that you would find differences in experience, knowledge, and observations as a point for cutting off a thoughtful conversation. This world thrives on differences and humans working together to talk through problems and find solutions — which is what Medium is all about!

I gave my personal experience to show that your assumptions about me were off base — that just because people want to find a solution to work/life balance in a tech world doesn’t mean they are an entitled ‘snowflake’. In my experience, and in my industry, I have found that I am not an exception at all. But again, I believe that is because like attracts like.

Maybe you keep persisting in mistaking the millennials you know as being common throughout an entire generation? ;) hehe

I’m not resentful or hurt by stereotypes — humans stereotype things all the time for efficiency. The problem with the millennial stereotype is that it’s not good for efficiency and it’s a bias that creates bitterness and only furthers a divide. I have no doubt there are lazy and entitled people in my age bracket — but I also know that some generalized behaviors are labeled entitled when in fact we just have different priorities. (Like the family time I mentioned above)

You seem to have had a bad run in with the 22–40 group. I hope you will get to meet some awesome millennials who are changing the world because they think differently and work hard! There are plenty of us out there! :) :)

I’m not really sure why you keep using the word snowflake… the last time I checked, snowflakes were strong, beautiful, unique things formed in intense conditions and are adored around the world! They also change the environment they land in — eventually melting and bringing much needed water to help plants and humans. I can only see that as positive, but people keep using it in a negative tone.

Finally, We will have to agree to disagree on the pedantic origins of the rock n roll movement — although I think we are essentially saying the same thing. You call it permissive parenting, my research has called it emotional distance. It’s the same thing and it opened the door to weakened family units and men and women who didn’t know how to parent the next generation — gen Xers! Haha