Some Millennials are still living with Mommy and Daddy into their mid-thirties and older!
RLA Bruce

Pretty sure MM’s character from Failure to Launch isn’t characteristic of a Millenial — more like a gen-X.

There’s a theory that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Assuming that’s true, if you have a whiny and entitled millenial in your family, than most of their friends will be the same. Likewise, if you know a hard working millenial then it’s probable their friends will also be hardworking. It’s easy to make generalizations based on who you know, but not completely fair.

I had incredible parents who taught me the satisfaction that comes from hard work, but more importantly, they constantly exampled working smarter and honing emotional work. My dad has encouraged me to journal my successes and failures and to create solutions for past problems to help me when I face them again. My mom played board games with us every day and never let us win unless we earned it — she also taught us the value of a dollar and the ability to side hustle. I am forever in their debt for their education which has given me and my siblings much success. (All three of us are hard working problem solvers who take initiative and can read others well)

I am 29 and run a successful editing company. I earned a bachelors and MBA during which I worked full time at minimum wage (forced) and did a couple side hustles. I am drawn to creators and artists who are constant learners. My friends — mostly millenials — manage their own businesses or are innovating in their respective workplaces. It is exciting and we are fulfilled but eager to continue growing. (even when working long hours) When we meet up, we talk about wins and losses, businesses, ideas, great marketing strategies, psychology, etc…

I have met entitled millenials, but I am friends with the ones who think bigger and I think you would see more of us if you didn’t automatically lump us together as entitled pricks.

However, if you do choose to stereotype my generation, I won’t be mad. While you are busy underestimating me and my friends, we are enjoying our lives and loved ones, working hard but fulfilling jobs, and hoping to retire about the same time you do. 😉😉