As we continue to adjust to a new normal in extraordinary circumstances, many organizations face the need to adapt staffing in response. How can we offboard, support, and then re-engage furloughed staff?

Among the many challenges facing organizations in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, an uncertain economic climate and dramatic shift in demand for products and services have impacted our ability to operate normally.

To maintain financial stability and retain staff, many of us face the need to furlough parts of our workforce: supported in some cases by government programs designed to help both employer and employee financially.

The decision to furlough — where employees are kept on payroll without terminating their employment but are not working for their organization — is ideally done in consultation with the members of staff…

Many employees have made a move to home working for the first time, against a backdrop of wider enforced social isolation due to coronavirus. How can managers help reduce potential isolation and loneliness in their teams?

Remote and home working have been a rising trend for organizations in recent years. However, for the first time, many are now adjusting to an enforced company-wide home working policy as part of a global campaign to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

This means employees are currently facing the potential of working from home for an extended period, with minimal previous experience or time to prepare for the change.

As governments continue rolling out stronger measures to address the spread, this new way of working comes alongside broader isolation protocols preventing social contact with friends and extended family.

It’s a uniquely…

Our senior leaders are the focal point during crisis or change, and a central influence on our company culture. However, they’re often invisible to those who need that direction most. How do we connect our leaders to remote staff?

Those charged with steering the organizational ship have a huge impact on its success.

From holding responsibility for its financial health to representing the brand and public image of the company, allocating resources, or setting out the organizational direction: the responsibilities are extensive.

They’re also a defining factor when it comes to company culture, and it’s our leaders that we immediately look to during times of crisis, change, or uncertainty.

It’s no wonder, then, that their presence and management during these times is directly related to how employees engage and respond: and how businesses fare long-term as a result. …

As organizations worldwide adapt to a fundamental shift in how and where we work, here’s a breakdown of the tools, apps, and functionality your business needs.

The last few weeks have seen our every day and working lives change at a rapid pace, in an unprecedented situation that sees new updates issued almost by the hour. With the latest guidance around social distancing and home working, our digital workplaces are being put to task. Is yours robust and agile enough to stand up to the challenge?

While the majority of organizations are likely to have a solid foundation in place, these unique circumstances can expose gaps we didn’t even know we had.

Employees are now needing to find new ways of connecting with information and each…

Worried new year’s resolutions may result in a mass exodus of your staff? It’s time to take action. Here’s how to halt post-festive turnover.

It’s the dawn of a new year, and your offices are looking a bit more empty than usual. Perhaps a number of your staff are still away for the holidays. Or, maybe you’ve simply fallen victim to post-festive staff turnover.

In fact, as we write this, the top three Twitter trends in the UK are currently, ‘#jobsearch’, ‘#newyearnewjob’ and ‘#firstdayback’ (many of which are, shall we say, less than positive). #Divorceday is also trending, but that’s a whole other kind of clean break.

Your business may be refreshed and ready to boom for a new and productive year, but it’s…

Trying to plan ahead for the next 12 months? Predicting the future is harder now than it’s ever been. If you’re struggling to get started, we’ve got the top trends and internal comms must-haves to include on your plan.

Are you ready for 2020?

If the past year — or, indeed, decade — has taught us anything, it’s that we can never truly predict what lies ahead. Terrifying as it is to accept (especially for those of us who love to plan things out in minute detail) it’s impossible to prepare for every eventuality.

But as we step into planning mode for 2020, it’s clear the coming twelve months are going to bring some BIG changes.

We’ve got the presidential elections in the US, against the background of an impeachment trial and wider societal issues around immigration, climate change…

Employee trust is one of those intangible elements in the workplace that can have a far-reaching impact on everything from staff turnover and productivity to financial performance and more. It’s also something that has to be earned: and when lost, it can be very difficult to recover.

For a staggering 93% of employees, trust in their direct boss is essential to staying satisfied at work ( Ultimate Software).

We now recognize that ruling through a culture of fear and tyranny is a recipe for disaster for organizations: to get the most out of our staff, trust and respect are paramount.

Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

However, it’s also one of those elements that can be difficult to establish and nurture in today’s workplace.

For starters, it’s not something you can get with a quick fix: trust has…

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) continue to be both a priority and a challenge in today’s workplaces. But aside from being a legal and moral obligation, diversity actually makes for more successful, profitable organizations and happier employees: and communication has a critical role to play.

When we embrace and value different thoughts, ideas, experiences, and identities — and the ways in which those differences bring unique ways of working to our organizations — everyone stands to benefit.

Diversity and inclusion have been hot on the CSR agenda for many years, but truly cultivating an inclusive environment for our employees goes a great deal further than merely hiring more individuals from underrepresented groups. It requires a cultural shift, a commitment at every level of our organizations: and that’s something that isn’t always easy or attainable.

While we’re now the most diverse we’ve ever been, there is…

The education and research provider needed to shake up its communications offering to empower staff to better support students

With a website that was struggling to meet the demands of its two distinct audiences — its internal staff, and the external students it serves — Manchester Metropolitan University needed a fresh approach.

The University boasts over 5,300 to 5,700 staff, including sessional staff working within the University seasonally or for short periods of time. Dispersed across 5 faculties and 13 research centers, the staff is responsible for over 38,000 students at any time.

To provide students with the correct support, information and to signpost effectively, staff need the right tools, knowledge, and connections.

However, internal information and documents were…

Why IC has a critical role to play in transforming the future of our data-driven workplaces

As data within our organizations continues to explode, it’s the relationship between IC, HR and our digital workplaces that will transform the future of work through applied people intelligence: if we start listening.

Data is the topic of the century. How do we collect it, how do we understand it, how do we protect it? What do we do off the back of it?

It’s a focus for good reason. As we increasingly deal in information, data gives us that much-needed edge over competitors when it comes to understanding our consumers or markets, identifying opportunity and risk, or applying data-driven decision-making within our organizations.

Artificial intelligence, algorithms, increasingly minute analysis of our every action are all propelling this data age forward. …

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