The Internet’s Own Boy — How Aaron is viewed

Before watching this documentary I was not sure who Aaron was, and I was not aware of his story. I am still unsure how I feel about Aaron. According to many people throughout the documentary, he was an extremely friendly guy with a goal, and would stop at nothing to achieve it. I found that extremely respectable, and he was on a mission to as his friend described it, “change the world in a positive way.” His friends spoke extremely highly of him, and I think that is largely because they worked in the technology industry, and very likely looked up to him in that aspect. Although, some other people who worked with Aaron seemed not as fond, as found his as somewhat cocky and a little arrogant. The story is sad, and the director does an excellent job in helping the audience relate with Aaron. Therefore, I think getting different aspects from people in the film played an important role in helping its credibility, and showing different sides of the story.

The Internet’s Own Boy — Changes How you Think of the Internet

This documentary really changed how I view the internet and knowledge. Before the documentary, I kinda of assumed that everything there is to know should be on the internet, and is offered for free. Although, after the film I did not realize how much information is hidden, or just completely unavailable. It made me think, and I believe that there should be things that are private knowledge, although the majority of information should be available rather easily. I think an example of private knowledge should be something that could harm people, or criminal and court records, as I believe these should be personal documents. Although, I think knowledge that can help individuals, and the ability to research topics should be free and easily accessible.