Or, I accidentally got banned

a screenshot of the tinder app saying “your account has been banned” with the single crying tear emoji

The first time I used Tinder was the first time I felt attractive to another person. I was an awkward band and theater kid and the swiping gave me confirmation that I never got in person — the mutual swipe meant mutual interest. I didn’t have to question whether someone wanted to “be my friend” or whether they wanted to date me. The app took all that second guessing out of the equation. I remember sitting in my childhood bedroom, orange walls surrounding me, swiping swiping swiping, seeing for the first time that maybe I…

This piece of originally published in the Mac Runners newsletter at Macmillan in 2018. It was also on rundaddio.com. I hope all you new skaters get something out of it.

I’m sitting on the ground after falling down some stairs. They’re the kind of stairs you’d find in the corner of a park–long, steep steps that lead up a hidden path to the street. A kind man in a car nearby asks me if I’m okay, if he needs to call someone. I thank him and he walks away, seeming skeptical of my ability to get back up. I am…

Becky Celestina

Podcast person & dog lover

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