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Remote work can present new challenges, and may mean acquiring new skills in maintaining relationships and keeping colleagues informed

Collaborating and communicating remotely is not always easy. You will often face new challenges when working with remote teams, compared with when you work in the same office. Your intentions can sometimes become unclear or be misunderstood without the usual face-to-face interactions of working together in the same space.

Although it can be challenging to collaborate and communicate effectively in a remote team, it is not impossible! …

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Meet Juliana Wang: From freelance illustrator to UX/UI designer

After completing studies in graphic design and fine art, Juliana Wang was a freelance illustrator for many years, contributing to editorial publications for international clients including national newspapers and consumer magazines. At weekends, Juliana was also an art tutor, leading weekly sessions teaching art and drawing to young students in conjunction with her freelance work.

Hoping to work in a more fast-paced, challenging environment where she could have more stability and focus on ‘design for good’, she made the move from illustrator to graphic designer. …

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Meet Abigail Miller: From pastry chef to SEO marketing

Introducing Abigail Miller, whose career change 8 years ago took her from working as a pastry chef in Michelin Star restaurants to her current role in SEO marketing. Her career-change story began in the demanding world of patisserie kitchens, followed by a chance encounter which propelled her into the world of digital marketing.

Abigail’s career change demonstrates the importance of finding a balanced career you love, rather than worrying about whether or not you can ‘cut it’ where you are now. …

Many founders and small business owners constantly try to do too many things at once and alone. Often you may find yourself juggling a mountain of To-Do’s because you believe one or all these things:

  • There is no-one else except you who can deliver these tasks on time and in the right way.
  • You can do it faster yourself. You don’t have time to teach someone else how to help you.
  • You simply do not feel it is a priority to review your current processes to see where you can make improvements for your business to be more effective and…

You’re swimming in a sea of fantastic ideas and urgent to-dos, but you don’t know where to start or how to tackle your ever-growing list. Everything is snowballing while you never feel closer to getting stuff done. Does this sound familiar?

People often ask me: How do you stay productive and get everything done?

The short answer is that you can’t do everything, especially not at the same time. But by learning how to prioritise effectively you will be able to create the time and headspace needed to work through everything, one step at a time.

I spend most of…

Becky Wong

Freelance Writer, Remote Business Manager & Consultant:

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