So the day begins with a line of dope. If I don’t have it, it doesn’t begin. I’m 38 married and a mother of 4. My husband and I spend about $600 every couple of days on heroin.. We do not work so you can only imagine what’s up there. We began doing heroin a few years ago and it has just got worse.. Its like a demon.. I have done 2 long periods of time in jail, and when they catch me I will be on my 3rd. My children have everything they need except me.. In my fantasy world I’m a good mother to them but I know that there’s no way I could be in my shape. I’m sick, like fatally sick. It’s a disease that if I don’t have my meds I feel like I could die. I was raised great and have great parents. I thought drugs where terrible growing up.. I know it’s the same story with every addict.. We have heard it a billion times. Well with mine I’m going to let you in my life. Last night I spent the night in a huge king size bed at the Hyatt in another state.. Today it begins, getting the money to pay our bills and survive the next month.. It’s not little money. You will see, I will show you my life.... To be continued.