Easy Ways to Save Money for 2017

We are always looking for ways to save on our business and personal expenses as small business owner and families. I would like to share some of my favorite ways I save money without doing too much extra work!

Ebates- You may of heard of this before, but I really want to recommend that you join them. This has been easy for me to do. They have a chrome plug in that I uploaded to my browser. Every time I land on a website where I can get some a “rebate” for shopping there they let me know. I also can use an app to purchase items. This also sometimes has a higher rebate. I just have to “activate” it when I am on the site that I want to shop from. They take care of everything else.

It is easy to use and they deposit the rebate into my PayPal account. It is super easy! A few of the merchants that I have used the program include GoDaddy, Amazon, Walmart and GroupOn. There is no cost to join and you can get money back! It is a win win here!

Walmart Saving Catcher- This has been a big difference for my family as well. As you may or may not know is that WalMart will match prices of any competitor. I use to have to bring the flyers of the competitors to prove the price. Well now the saving catcher will find those lower prices and will “return” the money to me via an ecard to Walmart. The app is simple and easy to use. Set up an account and put the app on your phone. When you get your receipt there is a QR code on the bottom of each receipt. What I do is when I am leaving WalMart I scan my receipts QR code and they take care of the rest. They will find the lowest price of their competitors and then they “ bank” it for you until you are ready to use it. When you are ready to use, you just request the Reward dollars to be added to an electronic gift card. It usually takes a few hours and then you can use it for your next purchase. This is also free to use.

Mileage IQ- Okay this is something that has really made my life easier as a business woman and as a mother. This is an app that is FREE if you only need a little bit but I highly suggest that you purchase the unlimited version. You can see my complete blog about this great app here.

Those are some of my favorite and easy ways to save some money for both my family and business.