Medium NaNoWriMo Novel Prompt #7
Julie Russell

I loved NaNoWriMo this year because I had a whole, huge, clunky chunk of delicious experience from having done it before last year. Since I already knew I could finish, I didn’t waste any time worrying about that aspect of it. (Don’t you worry, though. I had plenty plenty plenty of other fears to take its place!) I love that I gave myself an earlier deadline, making me bump up my daily word count to 2,000. (Surprisingly, it made it easier. It is infinitely easier to do the daily word count math when you don’t have to multiply anything by 1,667!) I love that I finished early. (I got to enjoy Thanksgiving and my birthday even more this year without thousands of unwritten words looming.) I love that, once again, I learned so much about myself while writing. (The more I found compassion for my main character’s defects, the more I discovered compassion for my imperfect self.)

Oh, and I really love that this year’s manuscript is far better than the junky mess I cranked out in 2014! This one might have some legs. I also love that many little tidbits from last year’s story sneaked into this year’s. I guess I needed to write that first wreck of a novel in order to get to this one. Maybe next year’s November novel will be even better.