Missing Church in July
Paul Malan

It’s probably a good idea to cite your sources on these quotes. Many of these are taken out of context and the one by Joseph Fielding Smith is completely inaccurate (the only quote I could find with him using the words “ an inferior race” were prefaced with the word “NOT”. People can put quote marks around anything to make it look like a statement supports the point they are trying to prove. If you can find the actual quote where he said those words (and not just something you think eludes to them), let me know. People look at these statements and make a blanket judgement about how racist Mormons were, instead of understanding the historical context of the time they were made (or the statements preceding or following the quote marks.) There is a multitude of proof out there disputing your interpretation of these specific quotes.

I’m not sure why you’d want to only miss church on July 5 and 12 if these are your feelings. Purposefully missing church to avoid hearing counsel from inspired leaders shows that you don’t believe they are inspired, which is a pivotal part of being a member of the Church. Members of the Church are supposed to sustain and support their leaders, but are free to leave if they don’t. My question is why would you want to attend at all if you don’t support the idea of prophetic counsel? It’s what the Church is about. I’m just confused.

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