How to Style: The Military Trend

Khaki and camo print are not new on the fashion scene. On the contrary, these cool green and beige colours have been dominating our clothing and footwear for quite some time. The reason being these dusty, neutral shades perfectly straddle smart and casual, can be dressed up or down and are easily customisable with pops of colour. Lately, however, it seems the khaki trend has kicked off with a bang — in no small part thanks to the Kardashian clan we suspect! Flattering, cool and stylish, this style guide will show you how to work khaki and camo into your wardrobe in a few simple steps. Let CLOGGS help you stay ahead of the trend curve.

Military chic is exactly what it says on the tin — camo prints and khaki tones to jazz up your wardrobe in a chic and sophisticated manner. The khaki trend is dominant for both males and females, and any staple items in the greeny brown hues will turn your average street into a catwalk.

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We’re a little biased of course, but the easiest way to inject some khaki trend into your wardrobe is with footwear. Why? A subtle flash of the camo colours will keep you on trend and ensure a versatility of outfits. Your khaki footwear will match jeans, formal trousers, shorts and nearly any colour top you fancy. We’ve got tons of khaki shoes for men, women and children (we like to stay on trend), but we narrowed it down to 3 pairs each for men and women and popped them in a funky Polyvore collage. Let’s take a closer look at our top 3 khaki footwear choices.

Our Top Khaki Shoes for Men:

Our Top Khaki Shoes for Women:

If you’re a big fan of military chic, there are plenty of ways you can go big with this trend. For the ladies, think khaki jumpsuits, jackets or shirts for a full military vibe. Guys, think khaki chinos, a khaki tee or even a shirt over jeans. With a fairly neutral colour spectrum, it’s fairly easy to include lots of khaki tones in your outfit without standing out too much.

Alternatively, if you prefer subtle flashes of this on-trend colour, then a great way to inject some style into your day-to-day wardrobe is by using khaki accessories to match your khaki-coloured footwear from CLOGGS.

We’ve got a fantastic range of accessories available in a variety of colours and styles, but we’ve rounded up some of our favourite khaki accessories for you to work into your wardrobes.

Khaki Bags:

Khaki Hats:

If our khaki and camo choices weren’t enough to convince you then we’ve also scouted some top celebrities sporting this trend and looking fabulous at the very same time. Enjoy our khaki inspiration and let us know what you thought of our style guide @CloggsUK.

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