The Ultimate Festival Footwear Guide

It’s finally here. Festival season is just around the corner. The season of good music, good weather (hopefully) and generally, good times all around. Whether it’s Coachella, Holi, Reading, V festival, Glastonbury or Tomorrowland, it’s true that there is a music festival to suit everyone’s tastes. Whether you’re staying in the UK or planning on popping abroad for one, there’s one thing that unites the globe when it comes to festival season, and that’s fashion. Festival fashion has evolved over the years, and now it’s almost more about what you’re wearing than who’s playing. Flower crowns and funky make-up dominated the festival style stakes in 2014, and judging from what we’ve seen of Coachella 2015, we’d say that fashion for festivals is more important this year than ever. Think metallics, fringing and boho vibes to avoid a fashion fiasco and stay ahead of the trend.

Finding a niche area between style and comfort is something we struggle to do at the best of times, but at a festival it becomes all the more difficult. Standing on your feet for hours on end, potential bad weather and a questionable surface to stand on (especially towards the end of the fest) means your feet need to be comfortable and protected — but your footwear still needs to match your outfit, right? This is where CLOGGS come in to play. To help you avoid a festival fashion faux pas, we’ve put together the ultimate festival footwear guide. No matter what your style, age or gender we’ve got the perfect festival shoes to keep you comfortable and on-trend at all times. Broken down brand by brand, if you follow our festival footwear style guide you’ll be topping every best dressed list as you stay comfortable, ensuring your festival experience is truly out of this world. So let’s get started. Here are the best shoes for festivals, and why CLOGGS really is the best festival shoes shop.

Hunter wellies and festivals go hand in hand like CLOGGS and stylish footwear; you simply can’t have one without the other. The infamous brand are guaranteed to be represented in force at every festival this Summer — so why not get in on the action? With Hunter, you know you’re getting a quality and respected brand, and their gorgeous range of different colours and styles will ensure your feet stay happy and fabulously fashionable, as well as totally dry too! The incredible Hunter Tour wellies are even designed to fold up for ease of packing! Here are some of our favourite Hunter wellies for festivals:

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If you’re heading to a festival this summer and you’re expecting the weather to be a little warmer, then some chic ankle boots and shorts might be your best bet, and when it comes to boots, you need look no further than Hudson. Comfortable, supportive for your feet and most importantly — stylish, whether you’re male or female, Hudson are bound to have the perfect festival shoes for you! This classic brand has a whole ton of exciting signature styles that can be dressed up or down, perfect for nailing festival fashion over and over again! Here are our picks of the bunch:

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If ever there were a brand associated with cool and unique footwear, it would just have to be Dr Martens. These iconic boots come in a variety of different styles, prints, colours and finishes — all of which will protect your feet from the mud and sludge which can come with festivals. As well as being a totally practical option, their effortlessly cool nature will also pack a punch in the style stakes, ensuring your fashion is on point throughout your festival experience. Here are three of our favourite Dr Martens for festival wear:

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Few brands have dominated the casual footwear market in such a manner as Birkenstock. The universally-loved sandal maker is regularly featured on best dressed lists, adorning the feet of celebs and festival-goers all around the world. If the weather’s warm, you really can’t beat a pair of Birks for a comfortable sandal you can wear all day. Want our opinion on the best festival Birkenstocks? Here they are:

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Aigle have been making sophisticated welly-style boots since 1853. Their flawless and pristine finish makes them extremely popular, and as far as wellies go they’re truly a standout brand. Wellies are always a good choice for festivals, not only for comfort but because they’re easy to wipe clean and they protect your feet from any dirt, mud or rain. If you’re going to wear wellies for your festival experience — why not opt for a luxurious Aigle pair? Here are our festival faves!

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When it comes to kicks, Superga are effortlessly cool. A huge name in the plimsoll market, this casual footwear brand expertly introduces new prints and finishes to ensure Superga stays on top of the trends. If metallics are in, they’ve got metallic plimsolls. If leopard print is in — you know the deal. This means investing in a pair of Supergas for your festival experience means you’re guaranteed to be fashionable in an instant — plus, did we mention comfortable? They come in a variety of colours and finishes, but rest assured whichever pair you choose you’ll be rolling in style. How about one of these?

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If you’re heading to a festival and you haven’t heard of Joules, then you’re doing it all wrong. Catering for those with a budget, Joules offer a huge range of adorable wellies in different colours, styles and prints which are affordable and stylish, providing a budget friendly alternative to your Hunter or Aigle. Their adorable country prints will help you stand out from the crowd, whilst keeping your feet dry and comfortable at the very same time. Here are our favourite Joules offerings for festivals:

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Converse make some of the comfiest shoes on the planet. In fact, you probably already own some. Converse Chuck Taylors can be seen on the feet of almost every other person, no matter where you are, and if you’re spending all day on your feet and you want an effortlessly cool flat shoe, you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of Cons. Converse have also released a sophisticated range of leather Converse, which means festival dirt and grime will simply wipe off, leaving your Chucks totally pristine. Besides, Converse are effortlessly cool and rocking some at your festival is a simple way to be stylish. Here are our festival Converse picks:

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Famous for their charitable nature as well as their impeccably comfortable shoes, Toms have gone from strength to strength as a brand in the past few years. Operating a one for one movement where they donate a pair of shoes to a country in need with every pair of Toms purchased, it’s easy to see why the brand is so popular. More than that, if the festival you’re heading to is forecast good weather, Toms are easy to pop in your bag and wear for comfortable, breezy feet. Their infamous espadrille-style shoes come in a variety of colours, but they’ve also release different footwear styles which would also ensure you were bang on trend at your festival. If comfort, being casual and ease of wear is what you’re looking for from your festival footwear, then you really can’t go wrong with a pair of Toms. Our picks? These three!

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Minnetonka are renowned for their Navaho-chic footwear complete with suede and fringing. They make the most adorable moccasins with a true Native American vibe — absolutely perfect for nailing that festival fashion. These comfortable and cool shoes will keep your feet happy as you dance the days away no matter what festival you’re at — and with the fringed detail you’ll be sure to be bang on trend at all costs! Here are our Minnetonka picks for the festival season:

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So there you have it, with a little help from CLOGGS your entire family will be festival ready with comfortable and trendy feet. We’ve chosen festival shoes to meet every taste, budget and style and hopefully our guide has helped you prepare appropriately for the festival season.

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