Rape Culture: Four Things Every Woman Needs To Know
Caitlin Johnstone

AWESOME article. Spot on. You need to ignore the mansplainers cuz they are too daft to get it. They are just going to beat their chests and insist they have the biological right to harass and annoy women for sex. It’s okay, because we are going to march into the future without them.

How many men do we know who make no time for sex? They work overtime, go to the gym and engage in all kinds of recreational activities leaving no time to spend with women in mutually satisfying sex. Look at the porn they watch. It’s all about servicing THEIR needs as efficiently as possible so they can get back to their busy lives. Men say that sex is important to them and I think it probably is, but many don’t put much time or effort into cultivating a healthy sex life with a real woman irl.

Try and take their porn away and they may have a temper tantrum that would rival the most obstinate toddler. Some woman, some where must be available to take care of him at a moments notice! It’s no wonder they have gone so far off of the rails. The porn gods have them by the balls.

Let’s take them by the hand using our female greatness and lead them to paradise. It’s fun here in girl land. We’ll do their hair, give pedicures and have sleep overs where we bake cookies and stay up all night giggling…..and making mad passionate love.

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