If you’re right about your fat friend’s health.
Your Fat Friend

I don’t know why people are so angry about fat people. It’s like they take it personally when they see a fat person. I’ve been moderately overweight and thin. At this time I’m at the lowest BMI for obesity. Thats after losing 40 lbs. I’m fat. If I say that I’m fat people shush me and tell me that I’m not. Whatever.

As a nurse my heart sinks when I see morbidly obese patients with health problems. I know they don’t want to be that heavy. Who wakes up every day and says “how much weight can I gain today?” Okay maybe body builders, but that’s a different obsession. I KNOW that weight loss, a better diet and some exercise could reverse obesity related diseases. It’s hard to talk about that with all of the sensitivity around weight. Doctors skirt the issue so they don’t get bad customer service scores.

I was kind of frustrated with my doctor because he didn’t say anything about my weight for years and then finally sheepishly mentioned that I could maybe look at my weight. Duh!

Screw the sanctimonious self righteous assholes. So we’re fat. They are stupid and there’s no cure for that.

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