Why ‘Toxic Femininity’ Isn’t a Thing
George Ganitis

Thanks for this article. It has not been easy for men to speak up without being ostracized or worse. We are all swimming in a sea of toxic masculinity.

I agree that we can’t equate lying to get your way with brute force and assault. Not so long ago women and children were the sole property of men. The only survival method for women was to be ruthlessly cunning or sit back and accept their lot in life. Men struggle in family court because of patriarchy.

Toxic masculinity is destroying our planet with it’s competition to accumulate more riches and stuff (women/sex can be included here) than the other guy. The race is the only thing that matters in this paradigm, not health or happiness or integrity or humanity. The current president is a shining example of all that is wrong with patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

Let’s all rethink this race to the bottom. Men should defect and join feminists. We will do your hair bake cookies and have sleep overs where we stay up all night talking and giggling.