Pumpkin Bread Recipe

For the past several months Dustin and I have been eating completely vegan. While I have been vegetarian for nearly my whole life, cutting out dairy seemed less than glamorous. No mayonnaise-WHAT?!? On top of that, we decided to cut out refined sugar(except for very special occasions-of course). So yeah, almost any store bought bakery treat was on the no no list. The good news is I’m learning to cook and bake and I know every single ingredient that goes into my food. I’m also learning that a lot of my favorite recipes can be modified to fit the vegan lifestyle.

This week Dustin and I tried out this deliciously spiced pumpkin bread recipe. It hands down satisfied our sweet tooth cravings. The original recipe called for honey but we opted for agave to stay true to our bumblebee friends. We also replaced the two eggs with two bananas. For most baking recipes I have found that if you don’t mind a little banana flavor they can be used in place of the eggs. Different sources recommend anywhere from 1/2 banana to 1 banana per egg, but I chose the 1:1 ratio for this particular recipe. Check out the recipe below. You can even follow the link to print the hand-drawn and lettered PDF version for your recipe book. Use the underlined ingredients where there are options if you want the vegan version.

We had a lot of fun spending the evening in the kitchen, setting up props, taking time to create beauty, and working together. Mostly I watched Dustin in action with the camera as he labored away while I moved a flower an inch to the left or right as if it was the most important thing. The dogs were a little confused as to why we swarmed around food without eating it immediately, but fear not, we did share a bite with them.

Download the PDF recipe here: