Be Good

A friend of mine shared something a friend of hers said. I want to share it with you because I thought it was a very powerful way to sum up the enlightening power of positivity:

“Appreciate the good, and the good appreciates”

I’m definitely not a religious person. I’m Jew-ish with an emphasis on the ish. I don’t believe in fate or that things are “meant to be”. I do believe that hard work reaps rewards and positive energy leads to positive things. And that’s what I love about the above quote.

Allow me to elaborate.

Everybody’s going through something. Everyone has hurdles to overcome, resistance to push through, difficult times, and issues. We all do. A measure of a woman or man is not how they get through the easy part of life, it’s how they approach the hard part. If we all go through life with a negative lens, you won’t forgive your neighbor for being snippy with you (because maybe her boyfriend broke up with her) or your coworker for yelling (because maybe he got in a fender bender this morning). Negativity breeds negativity. Bad energy attracts bad energy.

However, if you view life with a positive lens, this all changes. When your neighbor is snippy with you, you offer to help with the groceries. When your coworker yells, you offer to stay late tonight to finish up that report. You offer good and you get good in return. You don’t do it because of the return. You don’t expect the same treatment. You do it because you know that you have not made their day more difficult. And that is reason enough.

Here is where the return part comes in. The more good you see in the world, the easier it will be to stomach your own hard times. The more people are willing to be there for you. The more you know that you can get through it because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and in a few weeks from now you’ll look back on this time and laugh. When you don’t wallow in negativity, you shine. Positivity breed positivity. Good energy attracts good energy.

Being able to see the good in everything is both a challenge and gift. You must work for it every day and you must share it with the world.

So, my friends, make sure you go out there and be good today and every day. Because when you appreciate the Good, the Good will return the favor.

And as for me, you don’t have to worry about that. I’ll keep smiling for all of us.

In Life and Learning,


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