On Work: Part Deux

Finding the right job for you based on more than passion

This article is meant to piggyback on yesterday’s post about work. So, if you haven’t read it, go ahead and check that out before going further. It’ll help.

I heard once that you need to pick 10 things you need in a job to feel satisfied. These are unique to you and your interests. The 10 things should reflect your ideal role and all of the perks, benefits, and people that come along with it. Once you have those 10 things that make up your ideal job, you should expect to have about 5 of those at any given time. Every job will bring you new opportunities and different benefits, but if you achieve half of your “ideal 10" in your job then you know you’ve landed in a pretty good place.

This can also help when you decide to switch jobs. You can start looking for some of the things you are not currently getting in your job and re-prioritize the list. Maybe you have a great vacation policy but the work isn’t so inspiring. Or maybe you need better healthcare. Or higher pay. This list can serve as a guideline for your career as you consider moves or changes.

To help you get started, I will share my 10. Hopefully this will inspire and help you align with the things you desire most in a job. That way, when someone says you should find what you’re passionate about, you could answer and say, “I’m passionate about a lot of things, but good healthcare is a priority right now”. :)

Becky’s ideal 10 for work in no particular order:

  1. Learning potential: I feel like I’m learning a lot each day.
  2. Growth potential: I have the opportunity to grow into new roles and responsibilities.
  3. Motivating Co-Workers: I feel inspired and motivated by my co-workers.
  4. Great Management: My manager provides guidance and mentorship.
  5. In Education: The role is focused on teaching and learning.
  6. Great Healthcare: This feels like I’m adulting, but it’s important.
  7. Flexibility: If an emergency comes up I can WFH or leave. People trust you to get your shit done and don’t stand over you/need you chained to your desk.
  8. Travel: For work or a good vacation policy. For me, travel is a key part of learning and expanding your world. It informs my work.
  9. Inspiring Founders/Exec Team: I don’t care what you’re making or building, but be proud and excited by it and use that to inspire the team.
  10. Stability: (This is a new one) I want to know that the company will exist in a year from now. Coming off years of startup work, I’m ready to make long-term plans with my career.

Hope this was helpful. Happy pre-Friyay!

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