Memories of my Analog Childhood
Caroline Grace Stefko

I can almost guess your age just by reading this…. And as a person old enough to be your mother, I can add a perspective.

My children played outside and reminisce about the days absent of technology as you do. I just hope that they are MINDFUL as you stated about it.

The generation after yours I’m afraid is the one group to really worry about. I’ve learned that they are diagnosing addiction to devices…’s a real thing😳 it’s very scary to me. I understand where it comes from tho because at the age of just 1 yr old my grand daughter knew how to swipe my iPhone to see the next image! But her perfect parents were not going to admit how it could be possible because they weren’t on their phones that much…. REALLY?

But then there’s my own generation who bust out their cheaters even tho they have the font set at maximum size on their devices and at a dinner or happy hour they keep their phone in close range as if it is a precious baby not wanting to miss a FB post, email, instant message, text, or call….. 🙄 I find it extremely annoying!

I’m mindful in general of most things. And I believe unless we all decide to be mindful of our device usage there will be serious consequences to our bodies. The neck for starters…… chin up everyone!