Finding love — first steps
Sylvia Clare

Oh how I love a love story…

It just never gets old for me to hear how people came together. Some find each other as children that lived within blocks of each other. It amazes me how those relationships can last a lifetime… I’ve come to realize that I’m here to figure out relationships. It’s my job. I’ve been told by healers that if you don’t figure it out then it’s your lesson next round. What! Omg! No! I do not want that. I used to enjoy telling “our” story. I no longer even like to think about it. These days I like to daydream about my final escape… how I never look back… far far away I have a beautiful life with no man in it. For a while, and then one day I meet him in my travels. And his ex wife is deceased. And he has grown children that are loving and only want to see their dad happy. So they embrace me. My girls think he’s perfect for me and express that openly to him and myself. We beam at each other because we know it’s true! And then we announce we are going to Europe for a bike trip around Lake Constance. We all raise our glasses and cheers to that:)

Time to wake up Becky…. Buzz kill.

I loved your story! Thanks for sharing:)