Woman on Welfare Brags About “Raping the Government”

Watch as a single mother of three brags about taking advantage of government welfare programs and mocking hard-working Americans

In this video, a single mother of three living in Brooklyn, New York brags about “raping the government” by taking advantage of the multifarious welfare programs New York offers.

She repeatedly states why she does not have to overwork herself like everyday Americans working from a 9–5 shift.

“Welfare b**** have more than you, b****! You workin’ 9 to 5, b****! You still ain’t got s***!” she states, before bragging about her “Jordans on my feet all day, b****.”

She goes on to mock those working in Targets and cashier positions claiming that she would never succumb to such lengths to get a poor job. The reality is, however, that even those jobs have great value. Working at a local grocery store or sports good store teaches members of our society the importance of responsibility, punctuality, and hard-work which creates a productive American society.

Unfortunately, the American government itself has become vice-inducing by promoting this type of behavior through free welfare programs. According to Michael Tanner from the Cato Institute for Prager University, the federal government spends over $1 trillion dollars a year for welfare programs, despite the fact that the poverty rate has seldom changed.

Funding for welfare programs contributes to government dependency and disincentives citizens from obtaining a job to contribute to society in some capacity.

According to Tanner, “In 13 states a mother on welfare with two children would receive more in benefits than by earning $15 per hour at a job. And, in the 8 most generous states, she could get more in benefits than by working at a $25 per hour job.”

This is clearly evident in our present case with the women living off of welfare and not seeking a job. We must realize that this is detrimental not only to our society as a whole, but by creating vices that are harmful to the individual. If our concern is to uplift people out of poverty and create a virtuous society, our government must create incentives to obtain a job.

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