The best show on TV right now is about living carless in the suburbs

Great article! I’ve been carless in Atlanta now for 11 years, by choice — but it’s a tough choice…and I recognize that it’s a choice that I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to make. I’ve been extremely fortunate to find affordable housing in spots that are accessible to easy transit options — but it has also been quite the task each time I’ve moved to find those places. I know the struggles so man Atlantans face — I’ve ridden the trains and buses in the earliest hours and see all the tired faces of people who are facing a 2 hour commute, just to go 10 miles. There have been times when my commute was not easy and getting to work by 6:45am taking a bus, then a train and then another bus was almost impossible. Atlanta really needs to step it up and stop being so cost-prohibitive to live in the urban areas, pushing people out into the suburban areas and then not providing viable options for mass transit. Ridiculous.

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