Myth: Trump didn’t get 52% of white women’s votes

The Pew Research Center paints a clearer picture.

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rump has been quoting the 52% figure.

Where did it come from? Voter exit polls, which can be inaccurate.

Instead, the Pew Research Center analyzed 2016 voter records.

Why haven’t we heard of these new results?

Few media organizations have picked up the story. Instead, the Internet and Trump have focused on the inaccurate myth that 52% of women voted for Trump.

Let’s talk about that 52% figure for a moment.

Why is the 52% figure wrong?

Even if you’re using voter exit poll data, it was found that:

  • 54% of women voted for Clinton
  • 41% of women voted for Trump

There’s a big difference between 52% and 41% of American women voting for Trump.

Where does the 52% number come from?

Based on the voter exit poll data, it was surmised that 52% of white women voted for Trump. And 43% of white women voted for Clinton.

Trump has been “mixing up” the figures.

Trump’s been bragging that 52% of American women voted for him; which isn’t true. Actually, 52% of white women voted for him.

Trump did NOT get a ringing endorsement from American women.

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What did the Pew Research Center find out?

he Pew Research Center analyzed five different voting record databases. Then they crunched the numbers. They found a different answer to the question:

Did 52% of white women voters choose Trump?

The Pew Research Center’s answer; No. It wasn’t 52%. The white women’s vote was much closer.

Instead, the Pew Research Center found:

45%, not 43%, of white women voted for Hillary Clinton

47%, not 52%, of white women voted for Donald Trump.

White women did not totally vindicate Trump’s presidency.

Even less white women voted for Trump than initially assumed. And a few more white women voted for Clinton.

It still sucks that 47% of white women voted for Donald Trump. But there are a few more reasons why Trump got the votes he did.

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Not all women voted for Trump

rump has repeated the 52% women voter number over and over, which is wrong.

He’s forgetting that he has not been referring to all American women voters.

Why does it matter?

Black and Hispanic women voted overwhelmingly for Clinton, not Trump.

The Pew Research Center found the following voting results:

98% of black women voted for Clinton

67% of Hispanic women voted for Clinton

If you count all women voters, only 39% voted for Trump.

That is a vast difference from the 52% number Trump keeps rattling on about.

What did College educated voters do?

he voting differences between whites based on their educational level are substantial.

55% of college educated whites voted for Clinton

64% of non-college educated whites voted for Trump

The average white Trump voter didn’t have a college degree.

The majority of whites with a college degree voted for Clinton.

Clinton also won a wide margin of the Black and Hispanic male and female votes. Clinton and Trump were nearly tied for the white woman vote.

But Trump got the “older” vote (those 65 and older), too.

Who pulled the lever in 2016?

Why was the vote for Clinton and Trump so close, if so many college-educated whites voted for Clinton?

College educated whites only made up 37% of those who showed up and voted.

  • Those 65 and older, who voted for Trump, were 28% of the voters.
  • And only 13% of the under 30 crowd voted, who were strong Clinton supporters.

It helped Trump that older, non-college educated white folks showed up to vote.

It hurt Clinton that those under 30 and folks who are college-educated stayed home.

Clinton did win the popular vote: 48% to Trump’s 45%. But Trump got the electoral votes.

Who knows what the results would have been if more Americans had voted? Or if Americans were required to vote?

Where’s the Press?

hy has the media and Trump stuck with the 52% woman vote figure? The media wrote the stories immediately after the election.

Trump isn’t known for his accuracy. Anything but.

And the media has to deal with so many Trump inaccuracies and downright lies. You can see why they might miss reminding Trump his women voter numbers are wrong.

Also, the Pew Research Center printed their results in August 2018. It’s been close to two years since the presidential elections.

But Time magazine did refer to the Pew Research Center data. They published a story in October 2018: Donald Trump didn’t really win 52% of white women in 2016

I hadn’t heard about this new research, have you?

I’m still not happy with the way white women voted, but it wasn’t entirely as black and white as the media portrayed it.

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Will white women get “voter regret”?

don’t have voting records available for the 2018 elections. But based on the number of women who were elected, I hope more white women showed up to vote. And voted for other women.

But I’m a realist. I know Trump voters, some who are women. They are voting in concert with their husbands and families. They ignore Trump’s behavior and believe he is good for business. Jobs, religion, and family are important to them.

I see students going without food, who are homeless, working as hard as they can to survive. People of color and LGBT folks are being killed, for being black, gay or trans. People are filling up our prisons for victimless “crimes.” If it wasn’t for #MeToo and #WhyIDidntReport, raped and battered women would continue to be ignored.

Justice is important to me.


  • Help friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives to register and vote.
  • Elections can be won or lost due to a handful of votes.

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