German government agency bans meat from official functions
Natasha Geiling

This is fantastic! Watching Govt’s around the world actually walk their talk is a massive step in the right direction. The message is out there. Animal agriculture and our demand for meat is killing us and the future of our planet. The question is, not whether the information is available, but who actually listens! Regardless of how undesirable it may be for you to give up meat, it is only a learned habit, passed on by previous generations without question or thought, sustained by slick marketing campaigns and deceptive science advice, and it can be changed. It is neither healthy, environmentally sustainable or ethically desirable to continue to eat meat at the quantity we do. Our grandparents and ancestors certainly did not consume the quantities we do today, and it is only at the behest of deceptive marketing practices, lobbying and corporate interests driven by profit that we think it is ‘normal’ to eat meat and animal products two or three times a day or more in this day and age. It is not. A quick look at your grandparents diet, and diets around the world will show this….not of course, anywhere where the SAD (Standard American Diet) prevails. This is proven by the fact that despite thousands of scientifically, peer reviewed studies conducted over many years (the most important of which, in my humble opinion, is the 30 year study conducted by eminent Nutritional Biochemist and Professor Emeritus of Cornell University T. Colin Campbell — The China Study), showing that animal protein consumed in quantities that form more than 15–20% of the diet is profoundly detrimental to human health, has been sidelined and silenced by corporate lobbyists and Govts in the US in ethically deceptive practices which have caused misery and early death to millions of people over the last 30 years since this information was made public. (There is of course, no money to be made by the health and livestock industries by people eating more plant based foods and not getting sick!). Not to mention the horrendous impact on our planet so well detailed in your article. If ethics, and the way we treat sentient creatures through the horrors of factory farming do not move you, and the devastation of our future and our children’s future, how about the personal impact of consuming animal protein? Check out ‘Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death’ by Michael Gregor MD who runs the not for profit, video on YouTube, which should convince even the most hardened skeptic that reducing your consumption of animal protein can reverse, prevent or even cure, yes cure…13 of the top 15 reasons people die. The two that it doesn’t cure?…..suicide (although mental illness can be attributable to diet of course), and the third leading cause of death in the world….medical error, drug reactions, incorrect surgical procedures, hospital infections.

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