The Top 5 Reasons To Attend a Women’s Retreat

If you are a woman, of course

Rebecca Marie
5 min readMar 9, 2017

I have attended many workshops, conferences and seminars of various kinds, but for me, truly nothing beats the experience of a women’s retreat in nature. There are very few places in our daily lives where we are free (and encouraged) to be open, honest and vulnerable. Our jobs require a certain facade of confidence, credibility, knowledge and certitude. As mothers we are expected to serve as trusted role models and all-knowing guides. Even in our extended families we take on certain roles, and vulnerable-woman-in-need-of-healing is generally not one of them. That’s why women’s retreats are so refreshing! And, my absolute favorite is a women’s retreat in a natural setting. Whether it’s a mountainous gathering, or near the ocean, the peace of nature provides a healing atmosphere that a luxury resort spa (even if it boasts massages and meditation) just can’t rival.

There are countless wonderful experiences that women can gain through attending retreats: meeting new friends, kick-starting a detox diet, or renewing a spiritual practice. The following are my personal top 5.

1) Being in a circle of women creates an energy like no other.

One of the cornerstones of a women’s retreat is the Council Circle.

In this circle there is a sacred trust and a divine purpose. We sit in community with the intention of truly listening to our sisters. Two of the tenets that guide the council circle are listening from the heart and speaking from the heart. Just setting these intentions at the outset of our circle creates an atmosphere of trust and welcomes vulnerability. The energy of sisterhood when we engage our hearts in the act of simply sitting in witness of each other is incredibly beautiful. It is in these circles where most of the magic of a women’s retreat happens.

2) The experience of being heard and seen is like a cleansing of the soul.

When we are truly heard, (through others’ listening from the heart) it is a powerful affirmation that we are not alone, that other women have our backs, and that others are willing to help us bear our pain.

This simple act of sharing ourselves in such a real way is truly cleansing. It is a first, powerful step to healing.

3) In nature we discover real truths about the divine feminine.

Gathering and communing in nature, allows our natural selves to shine!

One of my very favorite things about retreating in nature (as opposed to a fancy hotel or tourist destination) is that women gradually become more of their natural selves. The makeup becomes less important, the outfits less elaborate, and shoes begin not to matter at all! In our every day lives we can’t escape the fact that we, (especially as women) are first judged by our outward appearances. This generally means wearing makeup, fashionable clothes, nice haircut, and matching shoes. Being feminine in our work-world (or at least in mine) is equated with how high your heels are or how trim your figure. When we are in nature, none of that matters. Somehow being among the trees and dirt allows us to shine naturally. When this happens, being feminine becomes more about our nurturing and our softness. It is about letting our true edges show and being free to laugh as loud as we want!

4) Surprising things happen — every day.

As much as the retreat schedule is planned, those moments that happen spontaneously are often the very best part!

At one retreat we took an impromptu group hike. At the top of the hill we found dandelion seed pods and took turns blowing them into the wind. One woman had an extremely stubborn set of pods, no amount of blowing would release them. Without even discussing it, all of the hikers gathered ’round her and blew as hard as they could — as a group, we released her seedlings into the air. We laughed so hard, but it was a perfect metaphor for exactly why we all came together at the retreat — to witness each other’s attempts at soaring, and to be there for each other when one of us might struggle to get off the ground.

5) The women who show up, are always exactly the right group.

It’s always hard to predict who will feel called to attend, on those exact dates, at that unique location. But rest assured, it’s always exactly the right group of women.

Each person who attends brings a certain perspective to the table. They grace the group with their own special light. Lessons will be given and lessons received, and none of that can be planned or scheduled, and all of that depends on who shows up and what they bring with them. Group dynamics are so interesting, and no matter their outcome — they are always perfect. After three days of sharing in circle and experiencing the group healing energies, a deep and sacred bond is formed.

Truly the best part of attending a women’s retreat are all the things you take home — a new sense of self, a wonder of the natural world and a feeling of fulfillment through caring for others and being cared for in return. Most importantly, is the new friends that are added to your personal circle of supportive women. It is through creating and extending circles of women in community that we will change and heal the world. It is this circle of women all over the globe that lifts us up and holds us gently, in every moment of every day.

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