Moving on is the white American argument against the honest admission of past AND present pain, the recognition that those two things are inextricable, and the facing of the fact that 400 years of physical, psychological and mental abuse against the non white races in America is not movable past. It isn’t.
I agree with Tre.
Bernard Meyer

you are right. it is not moveable past in our lifetime. you also are right — it is past AND present pain. i believe the angry white people who voted for trump are also feeling pain and are misplacing their blame. they are not conscious of the fact that their pain has roots in how our american ancestors mistreated the native americans and later the southern slaves. this gave us all so much pain, and we don’t know how to deal with it.

and you are also right. My children and your daughter, who are the beautiful mix of many races are our hope for the future — the future that looks like the combined pain of many continents. they will create a more understanding universe — free of so many prejudices attached to color.

Thanks for reading and for your thoughtful response.

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