first class about UX in Red Academy

This is my first design class in North America, I have never been to this part of the world before. It’s a great start I would say. I like the interactive teaching approach as well as the friendly instructors.

I couldn’t agree more that challenge yourself is very important for anyone who wants to make a change. Sometimes we think about something we can’t do because of the past experience or too much effort, actually we just don’t want to take any risk or push ourselves hard. I would say for innovators, you need to break your old rules, think out of the box, and try something you never done before. And also don’t be afraid of making mistakes. For testing the new ideas, I would highly recommend the 5 Days Sprint process from Google Ventures, which is a great way to get the maximum result from the minimum effort.

The second thing I like most from the first class is the quote from Simon Sinek — People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. At the beginning I thought this is about explaining us design is about problem solving rather than artist creation, but after I watched Simon Sinek TED talk, finally I realized how powerful this sentence is. It’s about the belief and ideology of your brand. It has given me lot of insight of the branding strategy we are working on at the moment .

I am really looking forward to go through the user experience design process with the guide of the professional RED instructors.

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