Larry Hogan

Larry Hogan is Maryland’s 62nd governor and resided in Anne Arundel County. He is the second Republican governor Maryland has had in the past 50 years. Governor Hogan was a Maryland businessman for nearly 25 years before deciding to run for office. He is all about “Change Maryland” which is a organization dedicated to bringing fiscal success to Maryland. Governor Hogan ran with this slogan in mind, he ended up winning 20 out of 23 counties in Maryland. He is married to Yumi Hogan, who is the first Korean-American first lady in the United States.

He is a strong supporter of one of Maryland’s greatest processions, the Chesapeake Bay, he has worked tirelessly to make it clean and help the environment around and in it. He also has a goal to create more jobs, since he has been in office he has created over 73,000 jobs for the citizen of Maryland. Governor Hogan has also been very invested in the school system and have invested over 12 billion dollars to public school systems.

Right after being elected into office the riots in Baltimore city started. This was reported to be one of the worst violent outbreaks in Baltimore for the past 47 years. Governor Hogan had to handle it quickly, calmly, and efficiently in which he did very well.

A little while after being elected into office Governor Hogan came across some scary news, he had cancer. He was diagnosed with about 60 tumors ranging from his neck to his groin. He was officially diagnosed with lymphoma. No one expected Governor Hogan to actually win the election, but he did. Now, he also has an aggressive form of cancer. But, Governor Hogan has kept up with his job and proven himself to be very useful in all he does.

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