The Persuaders


The Persuaders easily should influence the media and open their eyes to the world of advertising in a new and different way. Specifically, in the ways that it uses to reach the sub conscience mind via advertisment.

Testing People

The movie The Persuaders was extremely intertesting to me for many reasons. After fully watching this movie I kept coming back to when they were running tests on people and they asked how white bread made the participant feel. I found this extremely strange at first, I did not really know what to think. At first I just thought it was a ridiculous test. But, seeing how people felt when they really analysis it, made me see how useful this could be. The movie also pointed out how our sub conscience plays a huge part when we look at advertising. Combining that new knowledge with this test, I started to see the value of simply asking how someone feels about white bread or what white bread makes them feel like when they eat it. If someone or most people feel joy from eating white bread or talking about white bread then we can adapt our focus of advertisements to target their sub conscience mind. Then even further, bringing our Christian worldview into all of this. If we were to advertise christianity, a church, or a christian non-profit how we advertise is so important because in a sense we are also advertising to people sub conscience. We need to be careful not to be in the world, but of it. And then even further to correctly communicate while loving those around us.

Different Cultures Advertising

The movie also talked about reaching other cultures and areas of the world. The Persuaders discussed specifically cheese. In France, cheese is seam as a living thing, where as in America it is seen as dead. If a France cheese company tried to bring their cheese to America and advertised it as alive then the company would fail. I honestly loved this part of the movie, I thought it was so intresting and true. I am a global studies minor so I felt I could relate to it so much. I plan on taking advertising international, in a sense, and this really hit it on the nose for me. How will I approach advertising else where? I need to research heavily and seek cultural information as I approach it so I can accurately persuade my audience.

Christian Worldview

As a christian, I keep looking at this and feeling conflicted about how I should approach this. One on hand this information is so well researched and will equip me to better reach audiences in a different way. But, it also feel manipulative. I feel like I would be pursuing people’s attention in a wrong way. Honestly, I feel like it would be twisting the truth and almost lying. But at the same time, is there really a problem with playing into people’s sub conscience. I feel like it comes down to a grey area, where if you are pursuing God and seeking His Kingdom and His will and you feel convicted of it, do not participate. But, if you do not feel convicted then you can do it, but do not force others to do it or be a stumbling block.

On my honor, I watched this whole film.

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