Your Conspiracy Theory Does Not Matter Here: Support Victims or Shut Up

Let me say this last thing to you:

Look it really doesn’t matter what he was trying to do for the black community if he was simultaneously walking free in denial of all that he had done to violate women (which included black women). You should watch what you do and how you treat people regardless of if you’re tryna make major moves for our community or not. You ain’t really about expansion if you’re unapologetically responsible for breaking people down at the same time. I don’t care what he was about to do. Our community got more where that came from. I’m not interested in what a repeatedly unremorseful PROVEN violator has to offer for the airwaves while his victims may travel through the rest of their lives scarred.

I am not going to share his mugshot or any other image of Bill Cosby here because, like other victims of sexual assault, I have no desire to continuously see the face of a man I know is capable of a such horrendous ongoing act. I’m glad there will at least be less (eventually) of his image/doing floating around for those women to be reminded of over and over again. And while I do believe people can change he hasn’t shown the first sign of that desire: acknowledgement. We aren’t that starved and desperate as a people that we need to defend a predator before we support the well-being of his victims. Anyone who questions the timeline of women coming forward before they question why this man ever had date rape drugs in his possession, hasn’t fully taken the time to digest the psychological effects of rape, nor the strategies of rape culture. I pray these women find closure and peace and that he is not ever able to hurt another woman again. ‪#‎BillCosby‬ #SexualAssault #Rape

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