Behind the Design: Oxfords

Meet Wells and Blake, they are the newest additions to Foremost.

If I had to describe their personalities I would say they are sophisticated, detail oriented, and if you get to know them well you will find small, valuable characteristics not readily found elsewhere.

But these personalities didn’t develop overnight.

One would think the design process would have been simple. It’s a button-up collared shirt. What could be difficult about that? However, as we went deeper into the process, we realized there is a wealth of detail which make our oxfords different.

Blake Oxford

Fabric: Our oxfords are 100% cotton.

We quickly learned that all “100% cotton” materials are not the same. There are things to consider like pattern (how it’s woven), weight (how thick the fabric is), and wash (the hand touch and how it feels) which all affect the fabric. We went through more than one round of sourcing swatches before finding our material.

Our 100% cotton is soft to the touch with a casual texture to the fabric. It isn’t a lightweight flimsy material (because who wants to have to wear a shirt underneath), but has substance without being too heavy or thick. It has been washed to add extra softness.

We wanted to launch with classic white, but also include the perfect shade of grey to offer a second option for men. It took many dip tests, but we are thrilled with the final color.

His Pleats: We decided to forgo the traditional center back “box pleat” in exchange for more streamline “knife pleats” on either side of the back yoke (sorry for all the technical jargon).

Her Pleat: We went with a unique design approach. It has a modern dropped pleat in the back which gives a cut and flare to the overall structure.

Her Hemline: For Blake’s hemline, we knew what we wanted. The angle of the curve and length of the shirt were tailored specifically to make an elongated statement.

Wells Oxford in Grey

His Pockets: For the men’s pockets, we wanted them to be functional yet minimal and essentially invisible. The angle at the base of the pocket comes to a shallow point and the stitching is sharp and tight.

Buttons: I knew I had a lot of options, but I never imagined the amount of buttons! Most of us never notice these little fixtures however, they instantly add or detract from the overall quality of a piece.

Simply put, our buttons have a flat front with an off white mother-of-pearl finish. They are simple, clean and unless you have read this article you probably wouldn’t have noticed them (which is exactly how it’s supposed to be).

We are proud of the work that went into designing our Oxfords. We hope you meet them in person soon.

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