Sunday came

anything for the guala akere?

Look here, maybe I’d kick it with this nigga had it not been because of his perfected mouth showering skills hey. Really. That’s the only obstacle. I mean, he’s a young cutie; financial advisor and he has a stable mind but his ego fam! His EGO! So while chilling at Lala’s (where we met during the swimming season) he tells me he thinks I’m just playing hard to get. Says he knows that I want him, I’m just scared of how hard I just might fall for him. When I heard that, my train of thought came to an immediate halt, I needed to ensure that I had just heard that hey. So I asked him to come again. This nigga wasn’t anywhere near being shy to repeat that. I heard it again and I swear every cell making me up, even the dead ones, every cell making me up burst into laughter. You see, ego will make you too hopeful. Take note of how I didn’t say anything about feelings in his description. Why? There are none whatsoever! But he doesn’t want to understand this. I mean, if his monthly wage has not gotten him inside me then his red, daring, GTI will not! Maybe I’d let him touch me but he’s not even muscular. Honey I want that meat :-P

He’s that nigga who is really smart though. He knows what women want….sometimes. Like the week he paid for my stay at a 5 star hotel for me and my 2 friends. That must have been the week he got the 5 milli deal at work. Yes, we talked about work too. Surprisingly enough we didn’t know what to do after the first night there so when he came through to ‘check up on us’, we were watching a movie. I’m black okay? My movie production choices are black too. I feel that the movies I watch are more relatable if the subjects are black. So you know, no Tyler Perry goes unnoticed. For action and crime then maybe I’d go for a white production. You know black people care shitless about crime. It is what it is. So halfway into Kevin Hart’s ‘Let me explain’ this nigga shows up. ‘Are you ladies okay? What do you need? What can I get you?’ in exactly that order. You should have seen the smile on my face man. Then he asks us what it is that we’d like to do for the day- wrong question for a woman right?- No, not when you’re living in this era and you know that sex is most definitely #1 on a rich man’s shopping list. But in any case I’m brave so I tell him “we want to do something fun…” and he finishes off my sentence; “…like shopping?” I looked at him with a smirk and said “you smart” and he played along, responded with “you loyal, I appreciate you.” So we laughed and he told me to check my account in 10 min. By that time we were in the lobby walking him out so he goes back to work. Fast-forward 15 min later a notification comes through and voila! 10k steady chilling in my account.

Nigga as a youngin’ with a background that recognizes mid month through what’s in the groceries section, I ain ever done the nae nae so hard…and then an alarming text comes through. It read “We’re flying to Tanzania Sunday afternoon, for a week, just us nana.” I thought to myself, it’s definitely around that time where I’d have to devour his 3rd leg like an infant sucking on candy. I wasn’t ready gaez…nooor. But the way my bank account was set up at that moment- all because of this highly unsexy nigga- I was able to ignore the meaning of that text and that week was bliss-a young holiday to say the least. Massage parlors, hair, nails, secluded boutiques. Shit I never thought I’d do too, sky diving and yacht cruising. But I couldn’t stop Sunday from coming right? And so Sunday afternoon came….

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