Time the government and citizens start to think of alternatives of natural resources

As most of the developing countries, Algeria basically depends on it natural resources in its economy. This over-dependence has led to many social and economic issues which explains, in my opinion, why the strategy of the government and the way of thinking of the population must change, and they should work together, to figure something out in order to have a brighter and safe future.

To begin with, we all know that most of natural resources such as oil and gas, are unsustainable, which makes it absolutely an extreme necessity to find an alternative in order to make the economy running. Some of the alternatives that I believe my country can take advantage of, are actually numerous. Let’s start by solar energy, the south of the country is rich of the sun rays, if the country invests in this project, it will definitely reduce its dependence on oil and gas. Then,government should use, develop and encourage citizens to take advantage of tourism since the country already has in its possession this resource thanks to which several countries still stand today. I’d like to point out now to something that plays a major role in what’s happening nowadays, it’s education and the unawareness that surrounds citizens, but wait, what does the awareness of citizens have to do with all this? I’ll explain it in the following few lines.

At first, there is no doubt that most of the populations of the world don’t have enough knowledge of investment, particularly when it comes to the people of the developing countries, those of my own population for instance. If citizens have enough knowledge of investment and develop the spirit of entrepreneurship, and if they stop depending that much on the government when it comes to employment, the government will have another income resource and this will also reduce unemployment .Also,I’ve noticed that the Algerian citizens are left behind in technology, most of them aren’t aware of several internet resources that can provide them a good living such digital marketing and using the internet as a learning tool since it’s the most powerful resource of knowledge of all ages.

Furthermore, I regret that both government and citizens underestimate agriculture, what’s even sad is knowing that there are fertile lands which are unused and hence, are wasted in vain. If they both consider this wealth, they’ll both make a profit, the country will reduce its trophic importations and increase its exportations.

The last thing that I would like to talk about is industry. It’s a truly sad fact that my country is the farthest thing from being a manufacturer, and this is of course due to the fact that we’re so behind in science and technology. I’m sure it doesn’t take that much to manufacture small things such as phones without having to export them from other countries.

In conclusion, if any nation wishes to rise or to stand still when going through some hard times, it must think of all the available resources and use them.If they don’t already exist, it must think of creating them, coming up with something that will help it rise and shine. It must also take advantage of the human resource, it’s the most important resource as far as I can tell, investing in this resource can be outlined in providing them good education, good healthcare and most importantly, peace.

Auteur : Fahima MOKHTARI