📆 Date: 28 OCTOBER, 2021

⏲️ Time: 1pm UTC

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Guest: Martins

Host : Adelano



Can you please introduce yourself to our community, Also tell us about your experience in

cryptocurrancy and role in the project #RareEarthOpportunityFund? @Martin_Rarx


Hi, My name is Martin, I am one of the key people at RARX. I look after Funds and New

Partnerships. I have been investing in Crypto for the last 7 years. I love RARX for it being

different from all the crypto markets. This is going to be revolutionary and change the face of

crypto from being an online-only to Online and Offline


Can you give us some information about the $RARX token? what makes it unique from other

cryptocurrency ?


Every high-tech gadget be it stealth technology in 5th generation airplanes, haptic sensors in

mobile phones or touch screens and lithium ion and solid-state batteries None of them work

without rare earth elements

Now....this huge market has never seen any competition till now as everyone was happy with

getting all their supplies from a single source till, they realized the strategic dangers during trade

war and presented the ideal opportunity to enter the space

RARX Fund will focus on building new alternatives. This will include new mining Facilities,

Refining and supply chain.

With a $25 billion industry and we can easily achieve a 10% market share with a pressing need

for alternative suppliers we will also build An ERP and e-commerce platform that will focus on transparency and new


Our E-commerce platform and ERP will make the rare earth elements market much more

decentralized and improve the transparency. RARX will be default currucy of the E-Com

platform and increase value and price


What important milestones have #RareEarthOpportunityFund achieved yet till date ? Can you

please share your roadmap? Also tell us about your partners!


Our roadmap is well laid out and crisp.

February 2021

RARX platform ideas

April 2021

Technical strategy developments

September 2021

ICO raised November 2021

$500 million raised

December 2021

First investment in existing rare-earth company

April 2022

First new mine industry

March 2023

Competition of new refining plant

December 2024

M-cap of $100 billion.

We are currently in the third phase. Our ICO is live must participate in links given above

Adelano : It’s not every day that we hear crypto projects that mix Earth’s metals, elements, and mining with

blockchain and DeFi technology. What were the most difficult and time-consuming obstacles

you faced when developing Rarx?

Martins: The concept is different from the current set of cryptocurrencies. When we floated the idea

among ourselves we all were very excited. We planned the project very carefully. The major

problem was to pitch to miners and buyers of rare earth minerals (customers). A big chunk of

buyers is from the defense equipment manufacturer. Getting them on board was the most

difficult task. They require military-grade encryption. Now that has been achived. and obstacles

are clear.


We want to know if the RARX Team is doxxed, and if not are there plans to do that?


Our team on task basis. Some of them are involved in the research of products that are very

sensitive in nature. We do an extensive background check before someone comes onboard.


Adelano: Awareness is Key.. just got to learn about the @Rarxofficial project ICO from the ads I got from

@BeCryptowiz platform.

are their plans of ICO extension?

Martin: Our ICO will be in three phases; the first phase is currently live. Phase-2, the value of the token

will increase by x2- x5. Phase-3, RARX will be listing on PANCAKESWAP with strong value, that

will be benefiting our buyers. It is the best time to invest. Buy now for a 600% Increase in a short

time and 2000000% in long term

Adelano : Have you considered reaching out to players in the mining sector, to seek their expertise and

ideas into how best to merger cryptocurrency and mining?

Martins : We already have identified our initial partners in Mining and Processing. We are in the advanced

stages to close the agreements with them. Initial MOU’s are already in place.

Adelano: With the high demand for rare earth elements which as a result can lead to being disrupted in

the near future...what is rarex plan when this happens?

Martin: Here we want to capture the market in a big way especially; the sales part. We will allow other

miners to sell there products on our platform other than our strategic partners. It will help us

control further investments and identify new investment opportunities at an early stage.

Adelano: Does the @Rarxofficial plan to have an airdrop for its community, if yes, What are the plans for

the airdrops, and the eligibility criterial?

Martins: Our Airdrops were live till the first phase of our ICO; we still have a lot of promotional programs

live; Follow us on our social media channels and stay up to date. Unfortunately, I could not

share links. that would have made information flow easy.

Adelano : Statistical analysis show that over 47% of the world population have no access to Internet, how

does the @Rarxofficial community intend to promote it’s usecase for outside internet users.


You have touched the point where we have our focus for a long time. Our mining Partners are

based in Asia and Africa. People who will be part of mining operations are in areas where the

internet is not available. We will be generating jobs in those areas. Online investments will also

change the lives of people who are not online yet for good.



Which one of these aspects is important for you? 1-Increasing Token Price & Value

2-Empowering Platform Development 3-Building Community Trust 4-Expanding Partnership

Globally In what order?


Dear Andrew, For any business to succussed, it has to fulfill the needs of all the stakeholders. If anyone of the

goals you have mentioned is not achieved, it will affect the others. We are giving equal

importance to all of the above


What is the Best way to follow All your Upcoming news and updates? What are your plans in

coming Future?


Join our telegram channel and all other social media platforms links are shared. We keep

updating all the news and offers there.

please share

You can visit us on:

Telegram link:

Website link http://RARX.IO

Buy Link http://RARX.IO/SIGNUP

Twitter link




Capital appreciation potential is one of the goal of every crypto currency does RAREX

plans to achieve this


Very valid question. Our ICO is live currently. We expect 600% rise in the short term and

200000% in long term.


@Martin_Rarx Airdrop has seen a negative impact on investors. Token prices are often dumped

due to airdrop.Because everyone gets tokens from Airdrop and they sell tokens and the price

goes down.After that, investors also sell tokens.What’s your opinion about this?How do you

solve this problem?

Martin :

I agree with you, But airdrop helps in spreading awareness. And I am sure with the return

potential like ours no one will be willing to sell them for cheap.


Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And

How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Martin :

We will be issuing a total of 125 billion tokens The price for pre ICO will be 1US ¢ Out of them,

40% will be sold to the public and 20% will be for fixed liquidity 15% is reserved for institutional

investors and will be sold at a much higher premium over ICO and will also be locked for close

to a year 10% tokens will be burned at the time of listing 5% each is for dev and mkt team and

will be locked for 90 days The rest is for bounty and airdrops.

This is a full recap of what went down at the Ama session held live at the Telegram channel, as

Martins expertly handled questions from the community. Thank you for reading.

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