📆 Date: 27 November, 2021

⏲️ Time: 2pm UTC

🏠 https: https://t.me/becryptowiz

Guest: @iduhonome

Host: @Adelan009


Adelano : Let’s start with a little introduction of yourself, let our community get to know you

Onome Iduh: I am Onome Iduh. A crypto journalist, been in this space for about 3 years now…

Financial markets can generate great ideas and improve the economy of the society , however, power in these markets remain centralized.

Bitcoin and early cryptocurrencies, which were initially developed to give individuals complete control over their assets, were only decentralized when it came to issuance and storage. …

📆 Date: 4 November, 2021

⏲️ Time: 4pm UTC

🏠 @ https://t.me/becryptowiz

Guest: Ryan Austin

Host : Adelano



Let’s begin by having you introduce yourself to our community. Also tell us about your experience in the cryptocurrency space, while also explaining your role in the project


Ryan: Absolutely! So my name…

📆 Date: 28 OCTOBER, 2021

⏲️ Time: 1pm UTC

🏠 @ https://t.me/becryptowiz

Guest: Martins

Host : Adelano



Can you please introduce yourself to our community, Also tell us about your experience in

cryptocurrancy and role in the project #RareEarthOpportunityFund? @Martin_Rarx


Hi, My name is Martin, I am one of the key people…

📆 Date: 29 OCTOBER, 2021

⏲️ Time: 2pm UTC

🏠 @ https://t.me/becryptowiz

Guest: Toby

Host : Adelano



Let’s start with a brief introduction of yourself. How and when did you get involved in the Cheqd

project and cryptocurreny in general? Also, What role do you occupy in Cheqd?


Great! I’ve worked in…

📆 Date: 25 OCTOBER, 2021

⏲️ 4 pm UTC

🏠 @ https://t.me/becryptowiz

Guest: Victoria Haruna

Host: Adelano



Can we get a brief introduction of our founder, to enable the community to know you better?


My name is Victoria Haruna and I have been a cryptocurrency enthusiast for 3 years,

passionately learning and equipping myself with the necessary skills and knowledge to grow in

the cryptocurrency…

Hi community, let's discuss AMA in cryptocurrency...

AMA or Ask Me Anything is the online session referred to as actions where experts from a specific profession or company conduct live sessions for the crypto investors, buyers, or others to ask them any questions related to the crypto market and cryptocurrencies.

Hello friends, I know you might been wondering why cryptocurrency is yet to achieve mass adoption globally?

Mass adoption simply means that governments globally have created an enabling environment for blockchain and cryptocurrency to flourish. This is an indication that individuals, groups, and businesses must be able to accept cryptocurrency…

Hello people, Becryptowiz will be discussing the types of blockchains in cryptocurrency today.

Breaking this into a simple term, Blockchain is a type of database that blockchains store data in blocks that are then chained together.

Blockchain can also be described as a system of recording information in a way…


Becryptowiz is a community created for the sole purpose of educating and promoting everything crypto via diverse means.

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