Transactional emails: the forgotten wasteland of successful email marketing. But why, one wonders? Receipts and other order-related emails have a 69% higher open rate than regular email marketing campaigns, yet they’re often treated as an afterthought, a “just make sure they have our logo and colors” kind of email. Where is the love?!

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As an email marketer with 10 years’ experience working in the e-commerce industry, I know how effective these types of emails can be, and how underused they are as a selling tool, too. …

When I was asked to write about how I go about designing and creating our emails, I was stuck. I’ve been creating emails for nearly 10 years and now it’s second nature to me. But email clients (like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! etc) update for better or worse, design trends come and go and coding adapts to take into account both of these. That’s probably the most enjoyable thing about working in digital; you never stay still for long.

First things first: Since I hand code our emails, it gives me a lot more freedom to do whatever I want with our emails. I can be a bit more experimental with progressive techniques that may not always work in every client, although I always ensure that the email looks good, even in the very unfriendly email clients like Outlook. …

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