Introducing The SmArtGallery,

the next generation canvas.

Daylighted is changing the way you see art.

By using new technology, we are transforming venues into art galleries and offering them an opportunity to easily display and sell local and original artworks.

For this purpose, we created a connected device, the SmArtGallery, that displays images from our online art portfolio.
The SmArtGallery is the first of its kind: a digital canvas that can rotate photographs at will and in real-time, and that connects artists to their audience.

Our team of curators tailors the best artwork to build our portfolio and to allow our customers to change their collections as often as they like.

The SmArtGallery technology permits to display the right art at the right moment, adapting the collection to fit events, seasons, holidays and more.

Founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, our unique goal is to change the way people discover, enjoy and purchase art. We believe that the photography and art industries have to adapt to today’s world, and WOW people in their everyday life.

Art should be everywhere.

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