My Fantasy/Action/drama story

Silver Helix

Chapter 1

The Mysterious Swordsman

“Get off me you idiot” Marwe said to his brother Maceo. “Shut up and let’s go”Maceo replied as he dragged Marwe out of bed. The two were up at the crack of dawn and they didn’t even eat breakfast. The boys kissed their mother goodbye as they rushed out of the house. The boys burst into the village walkways and decided to race toward the village square. After the decision Maceo immediately pushed his brother in a haystack and leaped on top of one of the village homes. Marwe quickly leaped on top of a carriage passing by and flung himself onto a shop sign. He then picked up a rock and left with it in his hand. Marwe tripped and flung the rock at his brothers pinky toe as he fell from a building. Marwe fell to the ground and sprinted to the Great Seso tree, the life and center of the village. He thought to himself “Haha I’ve beat him”. But down comes Maceo onto Marwe as if he fell from the sky. “I win,I win” Maceo says standing atop his brother staring at the Seso tree. Marwe, struggling to get his brother off of him, did the same thing. “We made it” Marwe says. “It’s bigger than I thought” Maceo said as they walking into the tree. Inside was the city office where you can get info, food, and a place to see most of the villagers. Marwe asked the person in charge of the office “where can I find the swordsman?” the person replied with “oh that’s unnecessary child, that’s only a myth that someone practices that art. It’s said someone lives in the mountains, but i don’t believe it. how would he survive?” Marwe said “in the mountains?” (In a very low voice) almost seeming to be talking to himself. The person asked “what was that” Marwe said “oh nothing” as he darted out with his brother. The office worker yelled “don’t get any bright ideas kid!” Maceo, wondering where they were going asked “so where to now?” Marwe only pointed up toward the highest mountain on the island. “Are you serious?” Asked Maceo. “Yup” Marwe said and took off towards the forest. The boys arrive at. the ancient stairwell leading towards the top of the mountain. Marwe started climbing the stairs, encouraging Maceo to follow him. “Do we really have to climb to the top?.” Maceo asked. “Stop complaining and let’s go” Marwe told him. But Maceo didn’t move and stubbornly told his bro “No”. Marwe jumped from the first platform of the stairwell and hit Maceo on the head. “Let’s go!” Marwe said as he dragged Maceo up the mountain. It took the boys a few hours to get towards the top. “I see it” Maceo says and takes off. “See What?” Marwe said as he looked up. There was a dojo, and Marwe thought to himself it almost looks like a palace and chased after Maceo. Maceo walked up to the dojo in a nonchalant manner and yelled out “Mr.swordsman… we’re here…”. The humongous dojo was dark and quiet. It reside between two giant mountains and seemed as if it was being squished by their force. Marwe finally caught up to Maceo only to see an abandoned Dojo. The door was already open so Marwe was very skeptical, yet both of them walked in. Maceo walked in whistling and Marwe walked in observing. After they didn’t see anything but cobwebs and a big staircase with a picture in the middle Marwe said “let’s go home, no one’s here and it’s creepy. Maybe we’ll come back tomorrow.” Maceo upset said “sure” with a snort. As the boys walked out they heard a cracking sound. It was one of the wooden planks behind them. They were surprised and overwhelmed with fear. “someone’s been watching us” Marwe thought to himself. A cracked voice said “ughh” as if they just did a strenuous action. *something flew past the boys without them noticing. The boys were still facing the door, but something was different. Something was shining in front of them that wasn’t there before. The boys came to a realization that it was a sword. They realized what the unusual sound was. The mysterious cracked voice said “you came in quite effortlessly,, but you won’t leave as easy” as he made another sound that. sounded like an old person getting up. The boys didn’t take the threat lightly. The mysterious man came into the glimmer of light. They saw a rugged looking man with scars,and intent to kill in his eyes.

Chapter 2

A Fierce battle, Mysterious Swordsman vs The twins

The old man stood in the doorway with his sword drawn and waiting for any sudden movement. “Ight old man, we don’t want any trouble-” before Maceo could finish his sentence, he felt and Erie presence behind him. the man was Suddenly behind Maceo, he raised a finger as if he’d pop him and he did. Maceo flew like a booger and went straight through the wall. Marwe, now with the swordsman on the right of him stares straight with fear. Before you know it the swordsman takes a seemingly slow swing at Marwe. Marwe, still shocked, jumps back and readies himself for the next attack. The swordsman raised his hand showing a finger nail and suddenly is face to face with Marwe. He slashes and cuts his shirt but Marwe avoids fatal slashes from the man. “Ight old man, I’m gonna kick your ass” Maceo says as he jumps through the rubble of the wall. Maceo picks up the nearest sword and rushes into battle alongside Marwe. The fighting continues and the boys can’t land a single hit on the swordsman. Maceo swings his sword but the swordsman blocks it and kicks Maceo in the stomach pushing him back. Marwe throws a fury of punches but the man shrugs them off and roundhouse kicks Marwe sending him flying. The boys get up and look at each other and without saying words run towards opposite sides of the dojo. Maceo slides at the man’s legs attempting to trip him and Marwe jumps off the wall aiming for the upper half of the man’s body. The swordsman steps on Maceo’s leg and and does a quick turn stopping Marwes leg with his wrist and slightly pushes it off pushing him out of the dojo into a mountain . Marwe looks up and sees the the swordsman is standing over Maceo, looking as if he is about to plunge a sword into him. Marwe yelled out “STOP!! NO, MACEO!!!!!”. The swordsman stabs the ground, barely missing Maceo and says “Lesson 1, don’t be afraid to flee when you’re out matched”. The boys were scared to the ponit of a heart attack. They both said “Huh!”! As Marwe goes back to the dojo and helps Maceo up. Marwe says “You were trying to kill us! You wouldn’t let us escape ” And the swordsman replied “I was testing your ability, and you both faired pretty well.” “faired pretty well? We almost died, we couldn’t land a hit, my brother was almost killed, you are a monster! I never knew people could. be so strong.” Said Marwe. “Never Mind that it’s in the past dude” Maceo says. “Will you train us” he asks. “ I have a couple of students who would like you two. Sure,come first thing in the morning” The swordsman says. Maceo roars with excitement. “Can we start right now?” he asks.The swordsman thought for a second and nods his head in agreement . “Cool, are we going to explore a dungeon, no wait find some ancient ruins? Or battle some wolves!”The swordsman hands Maceo a list * Reads ingredients for Serpent wing soup.

“A grocery list? Your kidding right” Maceo says. “Do you want to be my students or not?” Marwe grabs Maceo by the collar and drags him out of the dojo and heads into town.

Chapter 3

First assignment

The boys, receiving their assignment, ventured across the vast village to find the ingredients. “I can’t believe he’s making us find some stupid ingredients!” Maceo says. “Be glad that it’s an easy task” Marwe replied . “I want excitement, near death experiences, blood boiling tension!” Maceo said with rage. “So what you’re telling me is when you felt his intent to kill us, you were excited?” Marwe asked. “Never mind that” Maceo said evading the question “where’s the list? Were wasting time”. Maceo takes out the list and reads “soup noodles,God fish guts, black zem, and last of all, seasoning.” “What the hell is he going to make? And what are God fish guts and tears of black zem?” Maceo asked,confusing himself. “I don’t know but let’s start with what we do know” says Marwe “The seasoning? We’ll head to Mr.Tsubo’s! The Best Ramen In The Village! Says Maceo. Marwe nodded in agreement and they darted off to the east of the village. As they approached Mr.Tsubo’s, a scrumptious aroma was wandering through the air. The scent was like a entity that blessed people and made them happy when they got a whiff of it. The boys felt warm and happy when they entered the domain of the aroma. It was the pride of the village and the second most visited place aside from the great trees office. The boys stood upon a building in front of Mr.Tsubo’s. staring at it. They looked at each other, smiled, and leaped down to the front of the shop. The boys ran and pushed their way through to the line of people waiting for their ramen and mush. “Mr.Tsubo! Mr.Tsubo!” Maceo called. “Shut up idiot” Marwe said. “Let’s see him first”. Mr.tsubo moving fast gleaned to his left to see his two favorite irritants struggling to get to the front. Their faces popped between two people. “What do you want this time?” Says Mr.Tsubo (irritably but happily). “Listen up old man! We need seasoning stat! Cough it up!” Yelled Maceo. “You ungrateful and disrespectful little shit! What for?” Mr.Tsubo said. “Let me talk.”Marwe said to Maceo. “We really need this seasoning to complete a task given to us. Would you please help us out?” Marwe pleaded with high hopes. “Well if it gets you out if my hair then here”. Mr.Tsubo handed a slim bottle of flakes to Marwe. “Thanks” Marwe said. “Yea yea.” Mr.tsubo exclaimed looking down as he was cutting vegetables. “Oh one more thing” said Marwe. “Do you know where we can find “God Fish Guts?””. “Yea” he said grumbly. “You have to get them from “A God Fish”. “But where can we find those?” Marwe said. “Go deep into the forest to the bottomless lagoon, but you shouldn’t-”. Before he could finish, The boys ran off as fast as they could. Mr.Tsubo looked up and smiled as they ran along. “Tsubo! Hurry up man!” One of his impatient customers said. “Oh shut up!” Mr.Tsubo said.

Chapter 4

Lagoon of legends

The boys ran into the forest. Searching for a lagoon they only heard about in fairy tales. A deep never ending trench filled with water. If something fell into it, it would never again see the light of day. The boys followed a trail of wetness through the forest. It led them to a beautiful lake, “this doesn’t look like a lagoon” Maceo says. “Stay alert” said Marwe. This doesn’t feel quite right. It’s been here this whole time and we’ve never seen it?”Marwe asks.“We’ve only explored a quarter of the forest”. Maceo replies. “Yea but this is a place we’ve ventured before, I know it” Marwe say as he tries to convince Maceo. The boy’s eyes flashed and they blinked. When their eyes opened an Eerie image formed in front of their eyes. It was a dark lagoon with broken and rotted trees all around it. “We have to go into it” Marwe said. “Don’t you remember the stories? Nothing comes out of it!” Proclaimed Maceo. “I know but we have to bro.” Said Marwe. “Alright alright” said Maceo. The boys slowly crept down the hill. As they came face to face with the green and black water they both dipped only one foot in. They were being sucked into the lagoon without moving an inch. They decide not to struggle since it was their destination anyway. At this point their whole body was submerged in the lagoon. It seemed to them as if they were in the middle of the ocean with beautiful waters.Marwe and Maceo were amazed at the beauty. Their eyes explored the new environment and as they looked down they saw a fishman on a in a weird looking seat.The boys continued to sink holding their breath. Maceo could no longer hold on to his air. Marwe saw this and quickly grabbed him. He put his mouth to Maceos, pushing air into his mouth. Maceos eyes lit with anger from the fact that his brother was giving him his last bit of air, and disgust from their lips locking. “What the hell is wrong with you!” Maceo blurted out. Marwes eyes widened seeing his brother lose the last bit of air. “Maceo Nooo!” They realized that they could somehow breathe after going back and forth. During this they were sinking faster and faster to muscular fishman. They finally reached a surface and it was a ruin. It was as if there was a battle that took place not long ago. The fish man looked up and saw the boys. Who are you? The fish man asked. “Who are you!” Maceo asked. “I am one of the seven god Fish, Damiel! I will not tolerate disrespect. State your purpose.” He declared as he rise from his seat at a staggering 10 feet tall. The boys staggered away. “We came to take your guts you tall piece of shit” Maceo yelled. Marwe rolled his eyes and thought to himself “he’s not as nearly as strong as that damned swordsman, This guys totally scary…but we have no choice.”. Marwe sprung at the giant and Maceo followed his lead. Damiel was forming power all around his body and from the stories they knew that if a fishman developed their powers to the fullest, they could destroy mountains just by their presence. Before Damiel Could gain it all the twins put opposite hands through his throat and then through his stomach. “That was easier than I expected” said Maceo. “Well if he gained his power it would’ve meant the end of both of us.You read the stories.” Said Marwe. “Yea yea” said Maceo. The boys ripped out Damiels guts and swam back to the surface of the lagoon but it was no longer there they were in the middle lake that they saw when they first arrived. “Weird” said Maceo. “Yea” Marwe agreed. “Let’s go get that black zem.” Said Maceo. They walked through the forest but they felt someone watching and tracking their movements. After a while of it Maceo said “show yourself asshole.” With that, an Erie feeling feel upon the both of them. A malicious intent that they knew all too well. It was the swordsman. He approached them and said “the last ingredient is not needed or rather you can’t get it for me. A god fish is nothing compared to and black zem.They are as big as mountains and carry enough power to paralyze you with a look.” The boys felt chills and began to fear a little. “Oh and about the God Fish you killed, you were luck he wasn’t able to max out his power, he would’ve murdered you.” The swordsman laughs hysterically. “He was the weakest of them all. The King of the God Fish is the strongest. I only said take his guts because he made fun of me a while back about my hair. He said I have split ends! I only needed one of the ingredients, the seasoning” the swordsman laughed harder. A presence instantaneously filled the entire forest, it was like hell, all being emitted from one man. “Stop!!!” Marwe yelled! His heart and head pounding. Tears fell from Maceos eyes and he couldn’t understand why. “Oh calm down I’m just having a little fun” the swordsman laughs more than ever as the boys sit covered in guts and are scared out of their minds. The boys had lots of questions.“How does a person like this live?, How strong is he?, What has he been through?, Why haven’t we not known about these things?, Are all the fairy tales true?, Do others like him exists?Could we ever compete? Can we trust him…?” They begin walking back to the dojo. “Um…hey old man, what your name?” Maceo asked. “Sjeng… Sjeng Otasi.” “Alright Master Sjeng, we are officially your students!” They boys both said and continued their way towards the dojo.

Chapter 5


Sjeng and the boys arrived back at the dojo, and Sjeng cooks up the soup that he promised them earlier. The boys sat down as Sjeng started up the stove. They began to talk about their wild adventure when Marwe sees a figure standing in the Corner. He gives an eye signal to Maceo but tells him not to make any sudden movements. Maceo clinched his sword and charged at the black figure. The figure pulled out a katana and stopped Maceo’s attack. “It’s a boy, maybe he’s our age.” Marwe thought to himself. The boy disarmed Maceo and made a swift slice towards Maceo’s neck. The boy proceeded to ask “who are you two?”. “Who the hell are you?” Maceo replied. “You’re not in the position to be asking questions” the boy said, pushing his blade closer to Maceo’s throat. Marwe acted fast and threw a kick at the boy, but the boy just absorbs the contact and brushes it off likes it nothing. Maceo wiggles free picks up his sword. He runs to the boy about to attack but Sjeng came in with the soup. “Hey you three, cut it out!”. “Master, they broke into our home” the boy said. “These are my newest students Osada, Marwe and Maceo.” “Osada? That name sounds familiar. I wonder if his family was apart of the Jaci tribe” Marwe thought to himself, as Maceo and Osada glared at each other. “You two better get going, now that you’re my students you’ll need to live her and be up early and ready to train. Marwe and Maceo lit up with excitement and ran home to pack. “You’re not really going to let them in are u?” Osada asked. “There’s something special about these two, I can feel it” Sjeng said with a grin. The next morning the boys grab their bags and kiss their mother goodbye as they make their way back up the mountain. When they arrive there’s over 40 students doing extreme and rigorous workouts. The boys aren’t intimidated though, they join in with the group and begin training.The boys out do the other students and begin doing harder task. “These boys are something else” Sjeng thinks to himself. “Go over there and watch the students.” Sjeng says to Osada. Osada walks over to Maceo who is doing weighted push ups with a rock.“Having trouble there hot head?” Osada says as he sits in the shade watching over the students. “You shut your damn mouth!” Maceo replied. “Scary, ya know I did 5 times the weight you’re doing right now” Osada said getting under Maceo’s skin. “Oh yea?”Maceo says as he continues to struggle. “You just can’t compare to me, you couldn’t even lay a hand on-”. Before Osada could finish Maceo punched him right off the stone he was sitting on. Osada was shocked and got up with his sword drawn. “Let’s do it then” Osada says. Maceo didn’t back down and also drew his sword. The whole dojo was silent as everyone circled around the two. Maceo rushed Osada with a fury of slashes and Osada evaded all of them. He jumped around Maceo as if he was a jack rabbit. “The gap in speed is enormous.” Marwe thought to himself as he stood there watching his brother’s battle. Osada and Marwe clash and continue to duke it out. Maceo keeps up hit for hit but it’s putting a real strain on his body. Osada kicks Maceo to the ground and he pops back up kicking Osada’s sword out of his hand. Osada grabs Maceo’s wrist and disarms him. The boys have nothing but their fist and they hash it out like men. The battle ensues for 8 minutes. Both Maceo and Osada are beaten and tired. Maceo drops to the ground as Osada stands victorious. Osada knees give out and he drops to his knees and looks towards Maceo, seeming to have a newfound respect for him. Osada walks over to help Maceo up but, he is out cold. So Osada picks up with the strength he has left and revives a hand from Marwe. The boys lay Maceo on a cot and take a seat next to him. Osada and Marwe talk for a awhile and begin to walk outside to join the others. But suddenly Sjeng yelled “Boys! Could take care of task for me?”. The boys willingly said sure and Sjeng explained to them that it’d take some skill. “What do we have to do?” Osada asked. “Well, these men stole one of my scripts that contain important information.” Sjeng replied. “What kind of information?” Marwe asked. “I can’t disclose that to you at the moment” Sjeng said (scratching his head). “Ok we got it, let’s go” Osada said. The boys continued to walked out the door, but Sjeng stopped Marwe “Your gonna need a weapon. These guys are no joke and if they read the script, you’re gonna be in some trouble ”. Marwe nods his head and walks to the weapon vase. He looked for a weapon and one caught his eye. It was an old duku staff and Marwe was shocked to see one in person. “How did you get this? I didn’t know they still made these” Marwe said. “They don’t” Sjeng said with a smile. “Go on now, Osada is waiting. I’ll take care of Maceo. Watch yourself Marwe if things get hairy don’t hesitate to run”. “Alright” Marwe said and took of running to catch up to Osada.

Chapter 6

Into the Southeast forest

The boys walked into the forest and begin their search for the cave. “Why did you and your brother come here?” Osada asked. “Well Maceo wanted to be taught by a well know swordsman so that if anyone wanted to fight, he’d win. He’s real competitive.” Marwe replied. “What about yourself?” Osada said. “I didn’t want him to go at it alone, him and mom are the only ones I have left. So I came along” Marwe replied as they continue through the forest. “How about yourself? You and master Sjeng seem to be real close” Marwe asked. “After my home was attacked, my father told me and my sister to head west and don’t turn back. I wanted to stay and fight but he told me I had to look out for my little sister ruby” Osada said calmly. Marwe looked at Osada and didn’t know what to say. “So a few months back, he was apart of that group of survivors” Marwe thought to himself. “King Rikem probably didn’t go without a fight, I heard he was the strongest man north of the great temple” Marwe said. “Well that’s dad for ya”. Marwe stares in disbelief at Osada, “DAD!? Rikem is your father?”. “Yes” Osada said. Marwe looked at Osada frightened and gave him an icy stare. “What’s the issue?” Osada asked looking confused. “Doesn’t your dad have like a demon power or something?” Marwe asked.

“It’s not a demon you idiot, it’s a spirit. The Jaci kingdom is known for people having spirit animals that they can unlock to fight and protect their families.” Marwe looked at Osada in awe and said “THAT’S AWESOME! What your spirit animal?”. “ I’m not sure, I left before father ever explained how to unlock my power.” Osada said. Marwe’s face went blank with disappointment and they continued to search for the cave. Osada gets a weird vibe and stops walking. “Hey Osada what’s-” the presence overwhelms Marwe and he begins to become nervous. “What the hell could that be?” Marwe asked. “Whatever is on that scroll must be powerful” Osada said as he approached the cave. The boys entered and descended down the ledge to a hidden spot. Three men stood at the bottom of the cave and had the scroll in the middle of them. “This should be quite easy” said Osada. “Never underestimate an opponent” said Marwe with a weary voice. “We do this right or not at all”. Osada thought to himself “His attitude changes when he enters battle.He seems to calculate to his opponents well” “Ok, so what do you propose” said Osada. “We should start by taking out the two who are most off guard.” He said to Osada.“Master did say they were a problem, best we never find out just how formidable they may be” Marwe thought to himself . “Osada you get the one on the left and I’ll take the one on the right.”. “All right, let’s get it over with”. Osada snuck around the first man easily and then stalked the man on the left. Marwe took the same actions. Marwe looked up at Osada and nodded his head, issuing the ‘right of way’ to attack. Both boys leapt down on their designated targets, swiftly delivering a blow that knocked their opponents out. Osada’s target fell real hard creating a thud sound. The third man quickly noticed this and drew his weapon, leaping toward Osada. Marwe rushes to Osada and pinches the guys neck from behind. This instantly incapacitates the man.“He didn’t even notice I was here” Marwe said to himself . “Thanks, I wasn’t prepared to attack. I could’ve died” Osada said. “Oh, it’s alright just be more careful” Marwe said. “Alright let’s get this weird script.”. Marwe walked toward the small pedestal the scroll was placed on. As he reached to get it the hairs on his arm stood up and his spine started to tingle. He thought he heard whispers but he ignored it. Marwe firmly wrapped his hands around the scroll then looked to Osada. “There is definitely some weird going on”Marwe said. “What drives someone to worship a scroll? What’s in there?” Osada asked. “Well whatever it says, it’s not sitting right with me” Marwe replied. “Yea, but again master didn’t tell us the whole story. Why did he have this scroll anyway?” Osada asked with a confused look. “You’re right ” agreed Marwe. “But we shouldn’t open it” He quickly pointed out.“Yea you’re probably right but master has some talking to do”. The boys proceeded to leave the cave when a small blade flew past Marwe’s hand. They looked behind them and heard a voice.“Got’cha” the man on the ground said. “He didn’t hit me? What was he aiming for?” Marwe asked himself. “Marwe look!” Osada said, pointing at the scroll in Marwe’s hand. Marwe looked down at his hand only to see the seal for the scroll slipping off. Marwe started to look confused when a jet black mist seeped out from the scroll and faded into the shadows of the cave with blinding speed. “What’s was that” the boys asked themselves. “Probably dust” Osada said. “Dust doesn’t move of its own will” Marwe said. Marwe turned to ask the guy on the floor what was inside the scroll only to see that he passed out. “Let’s get the hell out of here” Osada said. “ yea, we’ll talk to master” Marwe said as they made their way out of the cave. “Man it’s hot out here” Marwe cried. “Better start moving then” Osada replied to the disliking of Marwe and the two head off back to the dojo.

Chapter 7

Gangor Katanas

*Sniff, Sniff sniff. Maceo wakes up to the smell of breakfast. “It’s the most important meal of the day” Sjeng says, handing the plate of food to Maceo with a smile. “Thank you… but I can’t eat I have to get stronger… I lose”. “Listen, yea you lose, but you put up a hell of a fight. Osada is my strongest student and you were going toe to toe with him” Sjeng said. Maceo stood still for a moment and then smiled taking the breakfast. “Where’s my brother?” Maceo said with a mouth full of food. “I sent him and Osada off to complete a chore I needed to be done, they should be returning anytime” Sjeng replied. “No fair, you probably sent them off to do something cool” Marwe said ragefully. “Relax” Sjeng said. Maceo gets up and grabs his sword. “Man he really beat it up” Maceo says looking at his sword. “When you feel up to it, we can get you a new sword, come see me to get the money ” Sjeng said and walked out of the door. Maceo’s eyes lit up as he rushed to get ready. He put on his clothes, grabbed the gold coins and ran out of the door. “Hey! Don’t you want to know where you are going” Sjeng yelled. Marwe stopped running and turned to Sjeng. “There’s a blacksmith on the north side of the village , tell him I said we need to catch up, he should take care of you” Sjeng said. Marwe nods his head and takes off running for the village, hopping over rocks and sliding down the face of the mountain. It took a few minutes but Maceo arrived at the weapons shop and walked in. He walked in the shop and was amazed at the range of weapons they had. Maceo walked to the counter and didn’t see anyone. “Hello?” Maceo called out with no response. He walked over to the weapons wall and grabbed a great sword off the wall. “Do you know what you’re doing kid” the shop owner called out. Maceo jump in fright and dropped the sword. “How can I help, I’m Kenny”. “I’m looking for a good sword, I have the money” Maceo said. “I don’t get many young people in the shop, where you from kid?” Kenny asked. “The names Maceo, and I’m from the east land part of the village. Sjeng sent me” Maceo replied. Kenny smiled and sat back on his bench. “Ahh Sjeng, me and him had a hell of a relationship, what’s he up to? He always got us in trouble, man It’s been maybe 11 years since I’ve seen him” Kenny said. Maceo just stared at Kenny as he was reminiscing about old time. Two swords catch the eye of Maceo and he’s walks toward the glass case they’re in. “What are these?” Maceo asks. “Those are Gangar swords” Kenny replies. “Gangar? That’s almost on the other side of the world” Maceo thinks to himself. “How’d you get them?” He asks. “Well me and Sjeng got into some sketchy stuff while we were down there. We got out of it and I took those swords as a souvenir” Kenny said with a smile. Maceo looked at the swords and saw the price of them. “Man, I don’t have enough” he thought to himself. “Do you want them?” Kenny asked. “Really?” Maceo replied. “Sjeng got me out of a few hairy situations, the least I can do is help out one of his friends” Kenny says. Maceo grabs the swords swooshing hem back and forth. “Thank you” Maceo says and he exits the shop. He began walking back to the dojo when he thought to him, “ Hmm, Kenny made it seem like master was a mischievous man, but he doesn’t show much emotion around us. I wonder what he’s trying to hide”. Maceo stopped by Mr.Tsubo’s to pick up some food. “How you doing old man, let me get the usual and make it quick, I’m in a hurry” Maceo said. “Be quiet you ingrate, you can’t rush perfection” Tsubo replied.”Yeah yeah” Maceo said as he grabbed the food from the counter. Maceo walked out of the shop and as he left a black mist flew by him knocking him to the ground and wasting his food. “Hey! Watch where you’re going” Maceo yelled as he cleaned himself up. He got up to look who knocked him down but nothing was there. Maceo pouted and continued to walk to the dojo. When he arrived he saw Marwe and Osada by the cliff side just looking out over the village. “How was your day?” Maceo asked. Marwe and Osada looked at each other and said “average”. “How about you, what’d you do all day?” Marwe asked. “I just walked around town” Maceo replied. Maceo sat down next to the two and neither of them said much about their day hiding everything that happened over the past few hours. The boys sat there and just watched the sun set and when it went down they went inside with the rest of the students.

. Chapter 8

. Festival of Lights

Next morning, the dojo was up in arms and energetic. It was the annual Festival of Lights and everyone was hyped since it was the first time Sjeng would take part. It was all thanks to Maceo. He begged Sjeng to take part so he could show his mother how much they had grown. He would get to show off his new swords that Kenny gave him by doing a duel wield performance with his swords and Marwe performing a dance they call kimba involving his staff. Maceo convinced Sjeng to let some students from the dojo show off their fighting skills so he could get his rematch against Osada. Maceo began to practice and he kept dropping the swords. “Man having two of these is harder than I thought” he said as he did a flip, dropping the swords again.“Get it right broccoli head!” Osada said as he walked into the room. “Shut up, just know after I perform I’m kicking your ass in this competition.“You? Haha, you must be out of your mind! All of you are some losers” Osada said with pride. “ He’s all talk,he respects you more than you think. Let’s just try our best to impress mom and show her the reason we came here” Marwe whispered to him.“Yea we haven’t seen her since we left”. Maceo said reminiscing .The boys smiled for a second and suddenly felt a spine chilling Presence. “This is the same power we felt at the forest” Marwe thought to himself. He looked at Maceo and they both knew, it had something to do with Sjeng. Osada also felt the presence and didn’t know what to make of it. He walked towards the entrance of the dojo only to see Sjeng dazed with a possessed look on his face. “What the hell is wrong with you? Snap out of it!” He demanded. Sjeng woke up from his trans and apologized with a smile.“The stress from this festival has losing it”. All three boys looked at him with a concerned and confused face.Sjeng gathered himself and said “I have to go do some business stuff…”Sjeng said as he left the dojo heading for the Seso tree. Sjeng walked past Maceo and asked “did you get a sword?” Maceo said “yeah, Kenny gave me two of them” “Have you ever used two sword style?”. “No…but I’m gonna learn” Maceo said irritably as he tried to practice. “Well, can’t teach you how to use them”Sjeng said. “Why not?” Maceo cried out. “I never used two sword style myself, so I would be of no help” Sjeng replied. Maceo nodded and took exception to what Sjeng said. Maceo walked away and begun his routine once again. He started moving swiftly about and pulled the swords around his body. They moved so swiftly they seemed to be cutting the air. He started to spin and performed somersaults in the openfield. Maceo kicked one of his swords up while he was flipping and performed and amazing stunt leaving Sjeng in aw. “That performance could help bring in a crowd for the tournament.But it needs something special if we want to really draw people in?” Sjeng thought to himself.Sjeng stared at Maceo and smirked. “What?” Maceo said with a bewildered face.”Well when you send that blade flying, how good is your aim?” Sjeng said. “I haven’t cut myself yet, so I’d say pretty good.Why?” Maceo asked. “When you kick the sword I want you to aim where I’m going to set up fire work and set off a huge spectacle. Maceo thought for a moment and drooled over the recognition he’d get from the dojo and the village so he agreed. Sjeng told Maceo where he would set up and went on his way.( 6 hours later). The festival has started and Sjeng begins walking to where Maceo was going to perform when he overheard two men say,“We strike tonight”. Sjeng looked at the men and really thought nothing off it as he thought they had a performance.“Tonight ladies and gents we will have a spectacular festival, and joining us for the first time in it will be the dojo run by Sjeng Roshed. They will be performing deadly dances, and will hold a tournament between his students. The festival started with the young females of the village. As they were dancing Marwe blushed and got so flustered that his nose started to bleed and he zoned out. Maceo grabbed him by his hair and told him not to get distracted. The performances had begun and the blacksmiths made swords in mind blowing speeds, the mages amazed people with magic and illusions,the models showed off unique designs, and exotic animals were showed off and performed tricks. It was finally the dojo’s turn to perform. First up was Marwe with his kimba fighting dance. He grabbed his staff and went to the center of the stage. He took a few deep breaths and gained his composure. He put the staff In front of him and started to swing it around. He threw it up in the air and as it fell and his the ground, he balanced it on one hand. He continued to spin his staff and performed a few flips. The crowd applauded as more and more people flooded into watch. After Marwe finished, Maceo got on stage to perform. When he got up he was frozen due to all the people who were watching. He gulped as he stood there in fright and from a distance he saw Sjeng mumble “I need you to do this right” as he sat with the council of the village. Maceo started his dance and was pulling everything off perfectly. Sjeng smiled with pride as he watched Maceo finish his dance. Maceo tossed the blade up just as Sjeng asked and it sped into the forest. Before it could hit the fireworks Sjeng set up, a man wearing a dark cloak stopped it with his left hand completely off. As his hand fell to the ground it dispersed and disappeared.“It’s time then” one of the man’s followers said. The cloaked man nodded and set off in the direction boys house and as he walked his hand started to regenerate. His two followers set off the fireworks and began making their way towards a festival. A giant explosion emerged from the forest and the entire village roared with excitement. Maceo only looked for one face, his mother. He searched the crowd but didn’t see her and couldn’t figure out where she was. She didn’t show up at the festival after she promised she would. Maceo angrily ignored the loud applause and exited the stage. He told Marwe that he was going up to the house to check on mom. Marwe told him to be quick as Maceo was the first one up to fight in the tournament. Maceo nodded and ran off towards the house. “Here we go folks, the grande finale. Let the Dragon Fang dojo tournament begin” the announcer said and the crowd erupted and cheered. “First up, Osada Powe vs Maceo Isano”. Maceo wasn’t back yet so Marwe jumped up and filled in for his brother. “I’m your opponent now” Marwe said as the crowd roared. “This should be fun” Osada said with a smirked. “Let the battle begin” Sjeng said.

. Chapter 9

. The fall into chaos

Osada and Marwe stand in the middle of the stage in an intense stare down. They swing their weapons and clash, struggling to overpower one another and push each other back. “Damn it…” Sjeng says to himself. “Hey Marwe, can you go get your brother’s sword, he kicked it towards the end of the forest” Sjeng said. “…ok” Marwe said walking away with a look of misery and disappointed. The crowd was stunned that Sjeng just up and ended the battle the way he did. “Well I guess we will move on” the announcer said and called up two other students. “Man, it was just getting good, why didn’t Maceo grab his own damn sword. It’s too dark to try and look for it in the forest” Marwe said. As Marwe continue, a cloaked man emerged from the forest and appeared to have a similar katana to Maceo. “Hey, where did you find that katana?” Marwe said moving closer to the man. The guy kept walking, keeping his head down. As Marwe got closer, he realized the man did in fact have Maceo’s sword. He grabbed the man’s arm and the man just pulled away. “Who the hell are you anyway?” Marwe said and pulled the hood off the man’s head. Before Marwe could get a good look, the man flipped Marwe over putting the sword to his throat. Marwe looked up and saw that the man was wearing a mask and had a symbol on his chest that he’s never see. Marwe countered the masked man and brought himself to his feet. The man ran towards Marwe and they began to battle. Every attack Marwe threw the man dodged. As he finally laid a hit on the man, Marwe noticed people run by him in blurs. Marwe was knocked to the ground as they ran by leaving him startled. “What the hell is this?” Marwe yelled. The man took off his mask and smirked. “It’s the end of you and eve in your village”. In an instant, explosions started to go off in the village and Marwe stood watching in horror. Meanwhile, Maceo arrives at their house and walks in. “Mom, where are you?why did you leave?”. There was no response and Maceo started to get worried. He began to run up the stairs when he heard the explosions going off in the village. He ran to the nearest window and dropped to his knees. The Seso tree was on fire and the people’s screams could be heard all throughout the village. Maceo started to cry and got up, running to his mother’s room. He opened the door only to see a cloaked man standing next to his mom. “Mom, what is this? Who is this guy?” Maceo asked with a panicking voice. “They call me Delmi and this is where we end you” the man said. “What are you ta-” before maceo could finish, Delmi made a swift movement with his arm and the whole house exploded, propelling Maceo through the window. Marwe saw the explosion and instantly stopped fighting, making a b line for his house. Marwe ran through the village and witnessed them all being murdered in cold blood. Marwe finally made to the house and ran over to Maceo. “Are you ok? What happened? Where’s mom?” Marwe asked. “I… I couldn’t save her…” Maceo said as he blacked out. “Hey man! Stay with me” Marwe cried out. Marwe could faintly see something atop his flaming childhood home. As his vision cleared he saw his mother’s charred body in the hands of her killer. Marwe fell into a psychotic breakdown. The masked brute Marwe was fighting followed him all the way to the house and snuck behind him. The man then grabbed Marwe by the head and threw him as hard as he could into the forest. Marwe tumbled backwards for what seem like hours then hit a tree, the masked man then made his way slowly to Marwe to end him. Maceo awoke and he looked up. He saw a silhouette standing atop of the house in the flames. When his vision came to, he realized that it was Delmi holding the burnt corpse of their mother. Maceo’s eyes began to water and he punched the ground in anger. His eyes began to glow a bright blue and silver markings appeared on the fingers of his right hand. “Nice trick kid” Delmi said with smirk as he threw their mother’s corpse to the ground. Maceo lunged toward Delmi with such speed that Delmi had no time to react. Maceo punched Delmi so hard that it almost looked like he broke the air. A loud sonic boom went off and Delmi flew, crashing into a rock. Maceo walked up to Delmi with his eyes glowing and his fist steaming. “Wait man, calm down, I’m just carrying out the orders I was given. It’s nothing personal” Delmi said. Maceo didn’t say a word and pulled out his sword as if he was in a trance. “Kid no! I’m sorry” Delmi cried out but Maceo didn’t listen. He stabbed Delmi in the chest and walked away as he bled out. Maceo walked back to the front of house and dropped his sword as he passed out.Marwes body was deeply embedded into a tree, but he payed no attention to it, he was solely focused on killing the man standing in front of him. Marwe grabbed the outside of the tree and tore himself from its insides. Upon falling to his feet his head faced the ground and tears spewed from his eyes. But the tears were weird to the assassin. They were baby blue and glowing. Marwe looked up and his eyes were Bright blue and filled with uncontainable rage. The Assassin was filled with mountainous fear as he glared in Marwes painful eyes. He tried to run but the second his foot moved from its original place he was facing the ground on his knees. It was like 2 elephants were sitting atop him. He mustered up enough strength to move his head and eyes but the rest of his body was still. He looked to his left and right and his heart jumped. Not only was he forced to the ground but so was everything else in a 3 mile radius. Even the trees and and mountains were crushed under Marwes will. The Assassin looked straight and less than an inch from his was Marwe. He didn’t even hear him approach. Marwe stooped down so slow and elegantly it was frightening. He reached with his left hand toward the assassins face. The assassin saw glowing marks on his fingers. He trembled at the thought of what would happen to him. Marwe placed his hand on his face and glared into his frightened eyes. The assassin thought to himself “This isn’t what I signed up for! He’s going to kill me! Curse you Ko-”. Before the Assassin. could finish his thought his head was perfectly separated from his body. Marwe had barely moved his hand and his head was sent flying miles per second. Marwe looked up and stared at the plane he had created and with one step he was suddenly in front of his home. He turned to see his brother who was passed out and seconds later he was beside him and unconscious as well.

Chapter 10

Blood ties

The boys awoke but they did not move a muscle. They sat in silence for hours, as they stared up into the sky.“She’s gone…I should’ve grabbed her when I had the chance!” Maceo said breaking the silence. Marwe didn’t say a word as his thoughts roamed about. He got up and walked towards the forest stepping over his mother’s body. When he got to the edge of the forest, he turned around and looked at Maceo. Marwe said nothing and continued walking.“Where are you going? Hey! Marwe!” Maceo yelled as Marwe vanished into the depths of the forest. He tried to get up and follow him but was too weak and fell back to the ground. Tears fell down Maceo’s as he felt broken and alone. Marwe walked through the forest, tracing all the way back to the place where he killed the assassin. He sat on the ground, in the vast plane he created. He stared at the assassin’s body with a detached look on his face. A symbol of some sorts caught his eye, it was almost like an eclipse. Marwe reached down and took the symbol. He looked at it and put it in his pocket as he continued to venture through the forest. Maceo finally mustered up enough strength to stand up. He looked over the village only to see the destruction that was caused by the assassins. He made his way down the hill and eventually made it to the Seso tree where all he saw were bodies. It seemed almost no one had survived the massacre. The blaze in the village was slowly dying down and the devastating reality was becoming more clear. He continued to make his way through the village. He his way to the dojo and was shocked to see almost nothing there. He saw Sjeng and Osada beaten badly and it seemed that they were barely breathing. He quickly approached the two. Sjeng had a fatal gash across his body and Osada had some broken bones.“… are you ok?” Maceo asked Sjeng. “ Yeah kid, it’s just a little scratch” Sjeng said as he coughed up blood. “Where’s your brother?” He asked. “He walked into the forest” Maceo replied. “Find him Maceo and when you do, cut yourself and mark your blood on this”. Sjeng pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Maceo. Maceo opened the paper and It had Sjeng’s blood on it, but it was fading away. “What is it for?” Maceo asked. But Sjeng didn’t reply. His body was still and the blood on the paper was completely gone as if it was never there. Maceo stood silent as he clinched the paper. He couldn’t process anything of this. He was losing two people he loved in one day and his brother wasn’t there to comfort him. Maceo could no longer cry but the hurt on his face was clear. Maceo looked down and realized that he was missing one. He bent down towards Sjeng and picked up his sword. He grabbed it as tight as he cold and sheathed it. Maceo picked up Osada and threw him over his shoulder and made his way toward the tree house. 2 weeks went by and Maceo and Marwe still haven’t come in contact with one another. Maceo sat on the roof of the tree house looking down at the remnants of the village. He pulled the paper out of his pocket and cliched it. He thought about when he buried Sjeng and helped Osada recover from his injuries, enough to to where he can stand on his own. He thought about Marwe and how he was no where to be found. Marwe walked to the tree house and climbed the ladder while in deep thought. He walked through the door only to see Osada drinking water and wrapped in bandages. “Osada… I thought you were dead” Marwe said happily as he sat next to Osada. “Where’s. Sjeng?” he asked “He didn’t make it” Maceo swung in from the window and at Marwe with anger. “Hey you dropped something.” Marwe said as he pointed to a piece of paper that slipped out of Maceos pocket. Maceo didn’t say anything and cut his finger and put it in the paper. He forcibly grabbed Marwe’s arm and cut his hand. “What the hell man” Marwe said and went to hit Maceo when the tree house started to rumble. All three boys ran to the window and saw that it wasn’t just the tree house, but the whole island was shaking. They climbed on top of the tree house to get a better look at what was occurring. They heard an earth shattering noise as a giant piece of land rose from the ground. On top of it was a tree a thousand times the size of a Seso Tree, larger than any tree The boys had ever seen. The boys were frightened yet astonished. They jumped down from the tree house and all made their way to the mysterious floating tree.