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Learn more about Copywriting Tool Review, Pricing Plans, Pros and cons, Peppertype AI free trial and more in 2023! Review: It is an amazing app that allows me to be in control of my content writing. I can choose different content types like social media posts, blog post copywriting, SEO, e-commerce, and the style of my writing. I can also generate a review in seconds. is always a timer saver for me, this application is so helpful for the beginners like me. Try For Free

What is Peppertype AI?

Peppertype is an AI-powered copywriting tool and the perfect tool for creating high-quality content, is easy to use and you can always try it for free.

It draws on the experience of copywriters and AI to help you write better content faster. It does so by letting you build a library of your favourite copy styles for writing, such as Simple, Confident, or Inspirational.

You pick the style, choose a topic relevant to your subject matter and bam the content is ready to use!

Your content is written in seconds using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Create engaging and persuasive content on your own — just choose the topic, click and write. The artificial intelligence engine inside has been trained with over 100K+ of content to understand what would work best for your audience.

Get 10,000 words of free credit using our special link. Try For Free

Benefits of Using PepperType AI

  1. It saves time in the content writing process.
  2. It generates quality content in a second. It has a great AI content system.
  3. You have only to give the company name and a small description of the content.
  4. It has a clean dashboard and also allows you to view the analytics of the team.
  5. You can also generate content for your websites, such as headings, meta descriptions, product descriptions and many more.
  6. You can save your content copies in the dashboard.
  7. Regular updates for enhancements.
  8. You can also write video scripts and podcast scripts using Peppertype AI.
  9. It has great customer support.

Pros of PepperType AI

  • I can rely on Peppertype to generate tons of quality copy for me in a matter of seconds.
  • I can focus more on other tasks that are more important to my business.
  • It saves time in the content writing process.
  • It generates quality content in a second. It has a great AI content system.
  • It has a clean dashboard and also allows you to view the analytics of the team.
  • I’m happy that this has been introduced now so it will improve gradually.
  • Overall, experience was great and I would recommend it to other people.


  • Too fewer credits, Some captions have numbers without any sources and it becomes very difficult to use those research ideas for our captions are not there.
  • It does have a bit of hit-and-miss to it with content suggestions.
  • It needs more work on the grammar side. A lot of typos and errors.

How to use the tool for content writing?

Let’s walk you through creating a set of marketing copy, and ideas for, an AI-powered ⚡️ content generation tool 📣 .

Step 1: Choose the Content-Type

Let’s say, I decided to focus on increasing organic sign-ups and scale my SEO for The first thing that comes to my mind is writing a blog in niches such as Copywriting, Content Marketing, etc.

But I don’t have the time to brainstorm the 100 Blog Topics I wish to write on. So, I choose the content type ‘Blog Ideas’ to help me with it.

Step 2: Enter your Product Name and Description

Give a name to your project. In this case, I am going to name it as my product name only. Enter a comprehensive description of your product in simple words.

💡 To get the best results, you need to enter the descriptions that describe your brand best in the simplest words. Remember as a thumb rule, write your description as if you were explaining to a 5-year old.

Once you are done, click on the ‘Create Blog Ideas’ button and results will start populating in a few seconds and are automatically sorted by the length, and quality (from best to good, there’s no bad. 😉)

Step 3: Review, Edit and Save Results

The results are out. 13 outputs in under 10 seconds! 🤯

Nobody is perfect. Edit the results by clicking on the card. (if needed)

Save the copy you like to your product name by clicking the save button on the left of each card.

You can also edit the copy results by clicking into the text box and making your edits directly.

Step 4: View Saved Copies

Click on Saved to see the copies you had saved for Peppertype in Blog Ideas.

Step 5: Download results in CSV

⛔️ Growth Plan Feature only

Export and download all or just your saved results in a CSV file

Step 6: Create more or Choose the next Content-Type

Scroll to the bottom to create more Blog Ideas.

Or choose the next content type and it will already have your description filled out for you. All you need to do is hit Create!

Step 7: View All Saved Copies in one place

Click on Saved Copies from the navigation bar to view all your saved copies grouped under your product name and the content type.

Peppertype Pricing

Starting From: $25.00 /month


Annual Billing: 1. Starter plan (1 user seat) — $25 per month billed yearly

2. Team plan (5 user seats) — $165 per month billed yearly

Monthly Billing: 1. Starter plan (1 user seat) — $35 per month billed monthly

2. Team plan (5 user seats) — $199 per month billed monthly Contact them for Enterprise plans.

Learn more about Peppertype Pricing here. Alternatives 2023

Here are the top 10 free and paid alternatives to the Peppertype AI copywriting tools in 2023.

FAQs for Pepper Type AI

What is is an AI-powered tool that helps content creators develop content ideas immediately.

It contains an autoregressive language model, which is implemented through deep learning procedures.

This AI-assistive tool leverages the GPT-3 model and can help businesses scale their content strategy, development, and distribution effectively.

How does work? is an automation tool powered by artificial intelligence to dish out content ideas and finished content for businesses.

It also employs machine learning technologies to comprehend the target audience of a business, the brand voice, and its core operations.

It then analyzes them to produce original content that reflects the brand image.

Is the copy generated original and plagiarism-free? generates absolutely original and plagiarism-free content copy based on your input criteria.

Can I use the generated copy for commercial use?

Yes, you own all the content generated by you on Peppertype.

Do they offer discounts?

Yes, please check the pricing page for all the latest offers on pricing plans.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the subscription anytime. They don’t offer any lock-ins. For any queries regarding refunds, please reach out to

Is free?

No, is not a free-forever AI writing assistant. It starts with a free plan, wherein you can use the tool for free to create content of up to 10,000 words.

After you have completed your free tenure, you have to subscribe to an initial plan of US$25/month, billed monthly or yearly. It also has separate pricing plans for teams. You can take the free trial and get free 10,000 words credit.

What does do? leverages the power of artificial intelligence and combines it with the intricacies of machine learning.

It helps you produce exceptional content that is original and reflects the desired voice. also endows the writer with a library of pre-built styles, such as confident, simple, or inspirational.

You simply need to choose the topic idea and start using the tool to generate original content.

Is legit?

Yes, is a legitimate copywriting tool that helps create original content by providing a highly developed writing assistant that leverages a pool of resources and relevant, organized information.


Marketing is all about content these days, and it’s never been more important to have fresh, interesting, high-converting content on all your web pages.

Overall is a simple AI writing software that helps you write copy in seconds.

It’s great for your articles, blog posts, landing page content, ad copies, emails, and even eCom websites.

If you struggle with writing or are stuck with writer’s block, then this is the perfect content writing tool for you. Try For Free

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