Who Has The Ears of Nnamdi Kanu?

This piece was culled out from my reply to Ezeibekwe Ogechukwu Kingsley article on https://ezeibekweogechukwu.medium.com/biafra-an-ideology-not-a-geographical-location-8ef591d48c8a

The likes of Nnamdi Kanu, Ralph Uwazuruike and Co are Ojukwu wannabes. They’re more engrossed in being addressed or seen as the numero uno Igbo messiah than they are interested in providing solutions. They always fail one pertinent question, which is; ‘why can’t they put on the ground the Igbo Nation of their dreams in the current SE political arrangement?’ and their retort will always be that "you can’t build a meaningful edifice on a faulty foundation (Nigeria Constitution and System)" . To be fair to them, they do have a point even if the point looks like an excuse to do nothing.

Their belief that they hold the solution to the South East problem but will not divulge it until Biafra is achieved is suspect, that shows they don’t really care about the people but their ego of being the first or the messiah.
They have the opportunity of influencing the leadership of the South East, and they should start from there.

Get every Representative and Governors with the Biafra ideology to emerge and start implementing that Biafra dream in the South East. Let there be massive developments and ease of doing business, let the people see a glimpse of Biafra in their stead, show them that the Biafra El Dorado is attainable and watch every other thing fall in place. This is the surest way of achieving a united Biafra and NOT by advocating for massive disenfranchisement during election periods and leaving a lacuna for the enemy to make a man that came fourth, become first.



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Nwoke Rednaxela Chimaobi Jr.

Nwoke Rednaxela Chimaobi Jr.

Computer Scientist|Software Developer|Business Proposal Writer|I.T Consultant|Current Affairs & Politically Shrewd|ChelseaFC Fan| An Unapologetic Igbo man.