This Machine Can Tell If You’re Suicidal
Duke Harten

The mere entertaining of the idea that we can allow a machine to ‘predict the probability’ of suicidal tendencies is utterly preposterous. It just shows the tremendous extent to which our societies have fallen into set mechanical, technological, and efficiency based cognitive frames. Where the human element has been ripped out of us. To the extent that those worst afflicted by this phenomena, the suicidal, are further subjugated to mechanical and soul less rigor, that will no doubt only increase the pain and misery of human kind.

Then to go further and state that its application “could be translated to schools, shelters, youth clubs, juvenile justice centers and community centers,” where our most vulnerable of the vulnerable reside, is beyond comprehension. Really.

Have we not caused enough damage to the vulnerability of our young ones, where schools are filled with metal detectors and police officers? Where those of them whom we don’t have the tools to communicate with, we put in institutionalized prisons, like caged animals. Whom, we send to places of learning for education and enlightenment. Yet they return having been sucked down the wormhole of the kind of nonsense believed by these so called suicidolists.

It is high time we wake up and smell the stench of our own self-defecation. NO, NOT CREATE A MACHINE THAT CAN SMELL IT FOR US.

Technology has its place in the world in which we live. But the emotional, mental, and psychological wellbeing of humans must remain predominantly a human relational affair. We must stop trying to be efficient. We must stop with excessive technological interference. We must stop with excessive use of entirely unproven and unsubstantiated chemical formulas. We are, after all, human. We are by our very nature inefficient. Love is inefficient.