Maybe you still have hope — America also produced The Big Bag Theory in the last decade… despite it…
Tania Dey

I have mixed feelings about TBBT. It has a fantastic soundtrack and casting (The original one and the new ones, I love Mayim Bialik who is a neuroscientist in the real life). And if you take it lightheartedly is a lot of fun to watch. But it is very sitcom-y in the ways that sitcoms can be difficult to watch with your brain in full operational mode. So sometimes I find it unwatchable because many of the jokes rely on a certain kind of cruelty or a very big suspension of belief, so that makes it less appealing to my brainy side. I find it anyway a lot better than other sitcoms -like two and a half men, it is unexplicable to me how this show and TBBT can come from the same person-. But the show has some genuine laughable moments that do not imply cruelty to the characters and it has a surreal absurdity that makes it very likable.

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