Can Yoga Prevent Back Pain?

Back pain is something that will affect most people at some point in their life. It is not usually a serious condition, but it can be extremely painful. Those who suffer from back pain will commonly find themselves heading straight to their bed for a lie-down. What they are not considering, though, is that the bed could actually be the cause of their problems.

An orthopaedic mattress might be the answer to these individuals’ back problems. This type of mattress provides support to the lumbar region of the back, making them ideal for those suffering from lower back problems. Another great feature of these mattresses is that most are manufactured from hypo-allergenic materials, making them ideal for those who suffer from allergies as well as back pain.

Yoga to Treat Back Pain

Most people will opt for physio or medication if they are experiencing severe back pain. However, new research has shown that yoga can be effective in helping to reduce this back pain.

Robert B. Saper, MD, director of integrative medicine at Boston Medical Centre in the United States presented his study at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Management 2016. He said, “It’s effectiveness was most obvious among those who stayed with the yoga.”

The study enrolled 320 adult patients from community health centres in Boston who suffered from chronic back pain with no apparent causes. Patients were randomly assigned to one of three groups:

1. Yoga
2. Education
3. PT

The yoga group had a weekly class lasting seventy-five minutes and also had a very low student-to-teacher ratio. The PT group had fifteen, sixty-minute sessions that were on a one-to-one basis, which included aerobic exercises. The education group received a voluminous book on back pain.

Those who took part in the yoga reported being ‘very satisfied’ and ‘very improved’.

Affordable Orthopaedic Mattresses

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