Decentralization of economy is a way to new charity opportunities

Jun 5, 2018 · 4 min read

Charity and social responsibility have become trends in modern business. Deepest social stratification of society, presence of such serious problems as poverty and homelessness force hand of the most advanced part of modern entrepreneurs to participate in socially important projects.

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies provide new opportunities for implementation of social projects for business. Decentralized economy seems to be the most suitable space for the development of socially oriented initiatives of modern business. For example, BeEasy is one of the services that allows businessmen to participate in charitable activities through the development of a decentralized economy. This is a single ecosystem of interrelated services, which is created to work with cryptocurrencies.

BeEasy ecosystem establishes optimal links between services, which allows user to have a convenient and intuitive access to work with all the services of the project. Ecosystem includes a number of services for mining, trading, investment management, purchase of goods and services for cryptocurrency, as well as a module for interaction with charitable foundations.

But BeEasy works not only in the field of mining, trading, exchange of goods and services for cryptocurrencies. BeEasy team understands the social significance of charitable activities in the modern world, so social responsibility is one of the main credo of the project.

Now BeEasy creates a new and very interesting socially oriented project. The possibility to send cryptocurrency for charity is now created in the personal account of BeEasy. The EasyCare module functions for this purpose.

EasyCare is an automated tool for interaction with charitable foundations that raise funds for social purposes. Service will be available within BeEasy personal account, and the option to send funds for charity is integrated into all services offered by BeEasy system.

Of course, any user wants to know, where his funds will be sent and in what ways will the deductions be made. The pool of charitable organizations will include Russian and foreign foundations. Negotiations about cooperation are conducted both with charitable funds which work with orphanages and shelters, houses for aged, boarding schools, medical institutions and with funds of animal protection. It is no secret that social sphere needs a lot of money, that can be collected only by charity fundraising.

In the EasyCare service deductions are made in two ways. The first method is a one-time transfer of a specific amount for charitable purposes, carried out by user independently and voluntarily.

The second method — regular payments from the user’s balance, carried out by his consent, subjected to custom rules. This way will be interesting to those people who are willing to do good constantly, sending regularly even a small amount of money.

Own exchange services allows to perform exchange operations with cryptocurrency in automatic mode, after this procedure all collected donations are transferred in fiat to charity funds the project cooperates with. If the charity fund has its own cryptocurrency wallet, cryptocurrency will be directly transferred to the fund from the user’s personal account.

In addition, in the near future BeEasy team plans to develop and implement several special client applications focused on working with specific charitable foundations. It will be possible to install these applications by going to specific websites of charitable foundations, downloading applications and installing them on PC. In such a scheme, user leases the power of his computer and receives cryptocurrency, which is automatically transferred to charity. Such applications will be developed with one single goal in mind — to simplify the process of transferring funds to charity.

One of the most serious problems in the sphere of charity and social care is the lack of trust to charitable organizations on the part of citizens. There are too many scammers in the modern world who play on people’s kindness, trying to profit from charity events and fundraising. However, in BeEasy system there are no worries that means of users will fall into hands of swindlers. The system is based on the use of blockchain technology, which is currently the most effective way to protect against fraud and increase confidence in projects.

Transparency of transactional system allows users to track the entire path of the movement of their funds: from the transfer of cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency wallet of the charitable fund to purchase by the means of received funds of goods and social amenities of toys and clothes to orphanages, pharmaceuticals in medical institutions, the Essentials in nursing homes. Thus, users have an opportunity not only to check the security of their transfers, but also to find out what the funds were spent on and where exactly they were sent.

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