Mining of Things is a retail of XXI century

May 16, 2018 · 3 min read

One of the main contemporary cryptocurrency services’ problem is their excessive complexity for average user. To deal with all the mining confusions, digital assets trading, cryptocurrency exchanges operating and ICO investments one has to be highly qualified. Meanwhile, the number of people who want to get profit from cryptocurrency is increasing — partly because of its high profitability, partly because of wide spread of possibilities it provides to get the investments earnings.

However, most of the people don’t have time or required basis to increase their skills by acquiring comprehensive knowledge about digital economics. Even operations which seem to be the most simple for experts — like currencies’ conversion or launch and usage of cryptowallets — raise a lot of questions for beginners (not to even mention the mining itself). With understanding how the lack of qualification can intercept them, users are afraid to start mining or invest money to cryptocurrency projects. But recently we got an ability to do mining and pay for goods not with money, but with our computers’ capacities — even for the individuals who are not really into cryptocurrency subject yet. We are talking about EasyPlay product — new decision for fast and convenient receiving of real goods and services for cryptocurrency. Uniqueness of the product consists of its capacity to mine material objects.

Mining of things is the newest way of receiving goods or services without direct payment in traditional sense. The most important point of the EasyPlay app is that user downloads and installs it on his PC. Then he chooses required product or service from the catalog provided by partners. The program is counting the exact time needed to mine certain thing or service with the user’s PC. After that the mining process is launching, and at the end of it the user receives special certificate or promocode to buy chosen commodity. In other words, he purchases goods or services due to his computer’s capacities without spending any “real money”. The EasyPlay product is integrated to the whole BeEasy ecosystem.

Be Easy project represents а unified ecosystem of interrelated services, which is created to work with cryptocurrency. BeEasy framework includes big range of special services enabling to make users’ work much easier — when it comes to mining or multiplying cryptoinvestments, fiat-to-crypto conversions and crypto-to-goods exchanges, or even in the charity field. Because the main task of system is to provide user with the ultimate comfort, system services are forced to facilitate the operations proceed in the cryptocurrency domain.

Ultimate simplicity of the interface with the automatization of the every process which user might not wholly understand significantly facilitates app’s usability. For using the EasyPlay you don’t have to achieve high competence or to become a blockchain expert. You just need to follow the recommendations and download the program — it will do everything by its own. Created app makes the mining of things so easy and convenient that even those users who stand far away from cryptocommunity and have no experience with digital currencies market or independent mining can do it.

Developing of EasyPlay app promotes further decentralization of economics by active blockchain and cryptocurrency implementation. By virtue of this app maximum number of users are getting involved to the decentralized economics — users who could remain off the cryptocurrency market in other circumstances. The most important role in new users’ attraction is fullfiled by the app simplicity and the fact that one doesn’t need to gain wide knowledge in the field of crypto and digital technologies to use the mechanism. The EasyPlay app changes modern reality by making it easier and convenient.

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