Last time I wrote about my preferences over IDEs and text editors, my choice of that moment was Sublime Text and PHPStorm.

I’m still working with PHP and JavaScript, so my needs haven’t changed too much, but my text editor preferences did. Today I’m using Visual Studio Code almost exclusively. In this post I’ll tell you why and all the settings and extensions I have.

The killer features for me

Vscode has the quick open feature that sublime (and all the other text editors nowadays) have. The shortcut is the same (ctrl+p), but you can change it (in the previous post I didn’t mention it, but PHPStorm has a similar shortcut (double shift) to search for files, symbols, settings, actions etc). There’s a difference, though. In sublime, when you scroll through the list, the highlighted file opens in preview mode, so you don’t have to open it to see the content. …


Luís Henrique Faria

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