Evaluating the Buzzfeed dossier, by a former Intelligence Analyst
Jim Arkedis

This makes sense to me. The very nature of intelligence gathering like this is that nuggets of disparate information are always going to be assessed more or less in the way the writer has done. It’s the fine art of separating fly shit from pepper. Experience and instinct are probably as valuable (or more valuable) than some of the reported details. Multiple unrelated sources are important… assuming they haven’t been fed information simply to support an inference the opposition wants to be made. How far down the circular rabbit hole do you want to go?

There’s probably also value in looking at how Trump behaves and what he says. With his limited command of the English language and questionable intellect, plenty can be read into his choice of words. One clip had him complaining that ‘the information should never have been released’. “Information”? That word suggests credibility. Someone smarter would have used ‘lies’, or ‘fairy tales’ or words to that effect. A slip on his part?

Further, why has he defended the Russians to the point of looking completely stupid? Only when faced (literally) with indisputable evidence has he made a passing mumbled comment grudgingly acknowledging that some of it might be partially true. Like the birther nonsense… a comment hidden in a statement… before saying, essentially, “let’s move on” and pretending it didn’t happen. If I was in the position the dossier suggests he’s in, I’d try to keep my blackmailer happy, until doing so was more likely to reveal the blackmail. Helping save face for them as best I can. Sure seems like that’s what he’s doing.

Rex Tillerson. Are we supposed to believe Trump even knew the guy before the election? That Trump was ever invited into the Evil Genius Room at the Billionaires Club? He must have been considered a bit of a buffoon… the Inspector Clouseau clown version of a rich white guy who has no idea how he got the money… but takes the credit anyway. Compare their eyes… Tillerson’s are shrewd and calculating, while Trump’s look greedy and unintelligent. It’s easy to believe T Rex’s name was provided by the Russians. After Obama pooched Exxon’s half *trillion* dollar deal with the Russians over the Crimean ‘incident’, it seems just a little suspicious that he’s now ‘the guy’.

Seriously… how gullible are we? The way things are going, I’d say ‘extremely’.

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