Reflections on “Fresh Liberty”

Two years ago, I wrote a piece titled “Fresh Liberty” as a fresh graduate, on the restriction of opportunities for youth from certain cultures, and the resulting impediment in their journeys towards finding “meaning”.

As I reflect, I HAVE to note that my journey over the past 18 months has made me the embodiment of the argument against the case I made with such heated passion.

But this is really something to celebrate. Because it means I have been given the chance to find meaning. Maybe I still don’t know my singular sense of purpose, and quite possibly the truth is that we have not one but many reasons for existing, many drivers that give us that kick to live on, but what I can say for sure is that I have been given freedom and opportunity in abundance.

And this surprises me. And this humbles me.

Doors are indeed open. For all of us. For the women Prof. Mohamed Yunus so proudly spoke about (without notes, with full eye contact, with a script printed into his heart) that always, always pay back the micro-loans they take from Grameen to start up their businesses. For the burqa-clad artisans from remote towns that demonstrate their craft live for the Duke of Cornwall when he visits the UAE. For my brother, who wants to make a living out of his passions (movies & cricket).

We all have a chance — it would be a shame to set ourselves up for failure by assuming we don’t. We just have to be consistent, passionate and honest.

Fate & God don’t discriminate even if systems do.

I am grateful.

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