2018 Wrap Up & 2019

2018. What a year. We released 3 games on 5 different store fronts:

Stern To was our very first game and our first foray into self-publishing on Google Play. This was quite a low risk project for us to try out and we learned a lot about releasing a mobile game through this experience, mainly without a lot of UA, your game is likely to get buried on forgotten. Saying that, we have had a fair few plays and people or enjoying it and we will see how the subsequent release on Kongregate fares. We have an idea for a new game inspired by Stern To, a console/PC idea that we may explore in the new year. Regardless, we got sent some cracking shots of people causing chaos across the harbour!

Devilwood was our game jam game. From a technical side, it was our first experiment using a MagicaVoxel and Mixamo workflow. Both delivered the goods. We made an interesting and fun horror game very quickly and managed to get it on 3 platforms. Most notably, we go to try out Kartridge. I personally love Kartridge, it feels like a great place to be and is no nonsense. In the future, I hope we can build a relationship with Kongregate and get bigger and better games up front and centre on their store.

Also we made what my friend called “Youtube fodder” and got some cool lets plays!

Devilwood as a concept definitely has some legs. Voxel based horror seems to be a bit like marmite, but actually more people seem to love it rather than hate it. We will certainly be exploring another horror game in the future.

Our oldest, but actually probably one of our most polished games. Storm Ship Shiro was my first ever game release back on PlayStation Mobile and it did pretty well. I tried some subsequent releases on itch, but it kind of got nowhere. Eventually, I thought to see it off I would release it one last time on Kongregate. I did some tweaking to the graphics, made it run a bit smoother and re-implemented true pilot edition. Again we opted for Kartridge as a platform, as right now out of the non-steam ones, it is my favourite. This was literally released last night, so no idea how it is doing, but regardless, I am glad we can wrap up the year with its final release. In the future, I feel we are unlikely to release a sequel or another re-release as it is very much a product of 2014. That is not a bad thing, but over the next year I would like us to focus on more ambitious projects. The game however is still super fun and also hard-as-nails, especially true pilot mode so if you are remotely interested, go pick it up.


2018 was a great year for Beehive. Not only was it the first year it existed, but also it was a year for releasing games. 2018 was mainly a focus of getting out feet off the ground with us mainly releasing smaller free and pay what you want titles. Although we may do one, 2019 and the future will be focusing on the next steps. Bigger, higher quality titles. This means our release frequency will probably slow down, but the quality of our games will go up. We are already looking at at least two exciting projects for the new year including “Project Winter” and a visual novel game which we are hoping will take us to the next step.

Thanks for reading and playing our games this year and I look forward to seeing you all in 2019!


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